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I was referred to Dr. Maddox by a friend for testosterone therapy. Dr. Maddox exceeded my expectations. Every time I see him he takes the time to explain and address all my questions and concerns. His staff is super friendly and they make me feel like a person and not just another patient at a doctors office. Highly recommended.

Voluma™ XC

Voluma XC Portland - Voluma XC Logo In October of 2013, Allergan, Inc.’s Voluma™ XC was given official FDA approval for use in adding volume to the cheeks as a temporary solution to the signs of aging. Dr. Maddox of Thrive is excited to offer this injectable along with the line of dermal fillers and Botox Cosmetic® currently available through his practice.

Voluma XC Portland - Platinum Participating Member Voluma™ XC is the first and only filler approved to instantly add volume to flattened cheeks that have lost their volume due to the signs of aging. It can be injected into three areas of the cheek, including the apex, the apple, and the hollow. Volume loss in the cheeks can occur due to the loss of collagen, which naturally keeps the face youthful in appearance. After receiving Voluma™XC from a qualified physician, you may see restored contour and a more youthful profile, for up to 2 years.

Voluma™XC uses Vycross technology, which allows patients to experience a subtle lifting effect after injection. In addition, this particular injectable is mixed with lidocaine to ensure a comfortable treatment with Dr. Maddox. The result? Smooth, even cheeks that are beautiful and youthful. Voluma™ XC is used specifically for the cheeks, and can be combined with other dermal fillers and even Botox Cosmetic.

Injections of Voluma™XC are fast and simple. This hyaluronic acid filler is injected precisely into the area of concern after an initial consultation appointment with Dr. Maddox of Thrive. Some patients elect to do during their lunch hour and return back to their busy lifestyle without any interruption. Keep in mind there is potential for minor swelling and bruising after your Voluma™ XC so make sure to have some cosmetics with you if you plan to return to work.

Dr. Maddox and the team of Thrive in the Portland, Oregon area encourage patients in the community to contact his practice to learn more about this new injectable. Voluma™XC can be used in conjunction with other dermal fillers and injectables such as Botox Cosmetic for a complete "liquid face lift." We believe it is important for everyone to feel and look their best, and injectables are just one of the easy and affordable methods of improving ones appearance.

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