Bio-identical hormone treatment: Not just for menopause

Bio Identical Hormone Treatment from Dr. Maddox

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is gaining attention as celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Jane Seymour, and Angelina Jolie speak candidly about their reasons for choosing this path. Treatment is commonly associated with reducing unpleasant symptoms of menopause. However, the benefits go far beyond easing hot flashes and mood swings. Bio-identical hormone treatment helps to restore the body’s natural balance for health and vigor. What happens to hormones? Hormones are chemical messengers created by endocrine glands. They control most bodily functions, from hunger to emotions, growth, insulin, sex drive, calorie burn, immune system, and much more. Hormone production surges during adolescence. It may fluctuate … Continue reading

How BHRT can help Beaverton women through menopause

BHRT can help Beaverton women through menopause from Portland doctor

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, also referred to as BHRT, is a treatment plan that can be developed by a quality physician to help women who are struggling with the changes that occur during menopause. Hormones can change dramatically during this time and can cause women to experience a number of problems including gastrointestinal issues, weight gain, hot flashes, insomnia, and other problems, which can keep patients from feeling their best every day. Women in the Beaverton area who are interested in learning about BHRT are encouraged to contact Dr. Adam Maddox of Thrive. Thrive works with patients to help them … Continue reading

Portland area physician describes hormone changes in women during menopause

Hormone Changes In Women Portland doctor

At Thrive, we are an age management center in the Portland area that works hard to ensure that everyone benefits from aging gracefully. Programs such as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, also referred to as BHRT, is a treatment plan designed to improve overall health and wellness during the course of aging. It can assist in helping men and women look and feel younger, prevent avoidable diseases, and delay the process of aging. Many patients look and feel younger than their chronological age, which is our ultimate goal! Dr. Adam Maddox often uses bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to help balance the … Continue reading

Portland area patients ask, what is BHRT (Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy)?

BHRT from Portland doctor

When patients are dealing with problems due to hormonal imbalances, including andropause and menopause, it is important to seek assistance from a doctor who is well versed in helping to establish a better balance to increase energy, vitality, and overall health and wellbeing. Both men and women experience a drop in vital hormones as they age, typically between the ages of 40 and 60, and this can result in many unwanted symptoms including changes in weight, hot flashes, depression, anxiety, irritability, and other emotional and physical concerns. Thanks to bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, both men and women can rejuvenate their … Continue reading

Portland area doctor explains bio-identical hormone restoration therapy

Bio-Identical Hormone Restoration Therapy from doctor in Portland

Everybody is unique. This includes hormonal balance. There are three primary hormones in the body, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. When there is an imbalance with these hormones, patients may notice changes in the way they feel and function. Hormones can affect not only the reproductive system by controlling sexual function, desire, and menstrual bleeding, but it can have an effect on: Memory and concentration Anxiety and depression Signs of menopause Bleeding irregularities during menstrual cycle Bloating, irritability, and fatigue Weight and metabolism One of the best ways for patients to check their hormone levels and regulate them is with bio-identical … Continue reading

Therapy called BHRT can help Portland area women through menopause

BHRT Therapy Portland doctor

As women begin to near “the change,” many things happen to their hormones and body. Imbalanced hormones during menopause can result in a number of complaints, including difficulty sleeping, changes in weight, irritability, hot flashes, and many other concerns that are linked with the change of life. Patients who are ready to tackle these problems can do so with an effective treatment called BHRT, also known as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. BHRT first analyzes the levels of hormones present in the body. The levels of progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone and can be determined with either a saliva test or a … Continue reading

Finding bioidentical hormone replacement therapy doctors in and around the Portland, OR area

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Doctors In Portland OR

Hormone replacement therapy is nothing new, especially to doctors in the Portland, OR area. Dr. Adam Maddox is a naturopathic aesthetic medicine specialist who has heard about the negative association with hormone replacement therapy that has occurred in the past. A study done in 2002 shed light on the disadvantages of hormone replacement therapy. This study, called the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI), was stopped as soon as researchers realized that the post-menopausal women who were taking hormone replacement therapy were experiencing an increase in strokes, heart attacks, and even breast cancer diagnoses. When this occurred, women started to look for … Continue reading

Portland area doctor describes the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

Bioidentical hormone therapy Portland expert doctor

Many patients have heard of hormone replacement therapy, but Dr. Adam Maddox of Portland takes it a step further and provides BHRT, also known as Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. This is a different approach to balancing the hormones during the aging process for both men and women. Andropause and menopause are times in which patients may begin to need assistance in balancing their hormones to maintain a better quality of life and help feel their absolute best every day. Instead of using traditional chemical hormone compounds, the doctor encourages patients to consider bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, as the hormones are … Continue reading

Portland area doctor answers, what is different about bioidentical hormone therapy

Hormone Therapy Portland doctor

There are many times in our lives when our hormones may become imbalanced and patients may begin to experience a variety of problems. Hormones change throughout our lives during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause/andropause. Because of this, it can affect our overall health and wellbeing, as well as our vitality. Hormone imbalances that last a long time can also result in a wide range of serious medical concerns. Because of this, it is important for patients in the Portland area to visit with a doctor or a naturopathic aesthetic medicine specialist to learn about how to care for their aging bodies … Continue reading

Doctor in Portland offers bioidentical hormone replacement therapy solutions for men and women

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Solutions in Portland area doctor

Patients seeking bioidentical hormone replacement therapy solutions in the Portland area are welcome to visit with Dr. Adam Maddox and the team of Thrive to find out how to balance their hormones for better health and wellness. Our hormones change numerous times throughout our lives. All adults have experienced puberty during which our body went through many different changes to help ease us into adulthood. Many women who have been pregnant have also dealt with temporary changes to the hormones. However, men and women who are faced with menopause or andropause may want to take serious note as to how … Continue reading



Say goodbye to armpit hair and underarm sweating. Mirror Smooth (miraDry??) will save your day.


You shave it. You wax it, you laser it. Heck, you might even dye it pink. Talking about armpit hair. Now some people are saying you can microwave it away once and for all. We’re revealing a new treatment right now and our procedure room. Take it away, Doctor Ashton.

Hi guys So, I’m back here with doctor sheila Nazarian, board certified plastic surgeon and our patient Aaron. You’re going to be demonstrating this new microwave procedure to hit axillary hair, but before we get to that, tell, tell me why this hair bothered you, Aaron? Because I mean, you’re blonde, you wouldn’t mind.

I’m a personal trainer. I spend 95% of my day in a tank top in the gym or in a bikini and shaving every day is such a pain. No one likes to do it. I tried laser hair removal. It doesn’t work. If you have blonde hair and darker skin. So, I heard about mirror smooth So, thought I’d give it a try.

And you said it’s your game, okay, So, doctor Nazarian,


Go ahead and lie back Aaron. So, as you start working tell us a little bit about this technology. Who’s a good candidate for it and how? Does it work?

Well, the beauty of this technology is that everyone is a good candidate. Any skin colour, any hair colour? I’ve actually had the procedure performed on myself, didn’t get any hyperpigmentation from it.

So, you numbed Aaron up before we started, right?

Arron’s been numbed already. We’ve placed a temporary tattoo which basically gives us little tick marks. It’s really paint by numbers at that point and we use the microwave technology of mirror smooth to remove not only 70% of her hair with one treatment, but also the sweat and odour glands are also eliminated. So, it’s basically a little suction and some you know heat is applied, but because she’s numb there’s no pain.

You feel anything?
Fine, just a little pull,


And So, how many treatments typically does it take to really get a good effect?

So, 80% of people really only need one treatment. You’re going to get an 82% reduction in the sweat and odour glands and a 70% reduction in the hair growth. Which, if you’ve ever had laser hair, you know you need multiple treatments in order to get anywhere close to 70%.

So, what’s the cost range for something like this?

This that’s a great question. So, the first treatment is around 2000 dollars, but it’s, but if you think about how many laser hair removal treatments to do. I mean, it really is a great benefit and also laser hair doesn’t remove the sweat and odour glands.

Nice, well, 2000 dollars, meaning that you could throw away all your razors for the rest of your life.


Never have to worry about sweating in your armpits again and being musty.

No more deodorant and think of all the money you spend on deodorant over a lifetime.

That’s true.

And it takes how long to do both pitch?

We usually schedule people for an hour at a time?
An hour!

So, can you imagine an hour and you’re done.
Oh my gosh,


Sign me up, scoot over.

Second string.


The one done idea is very appealing.

Exactly, yeah.

Thanks for sharing that with us and thanks for showing us your armpits,

Thanks for having me

You’re welcome.

Anti-aging Specialist

In Portland OR-Dr. Maddox

Get rid of unwanted fat from your waist and hips with Vanquish.

Anti-aging Specialist In Portland OR-Dr. Maddox

Feeling good and looking good. It’s not just about diet and exercise anymore. Aesthetic and anti-aging medicine makes a safe and effective addition to your routine. At thrive, we offer the very latest in non-invasive beauty technology like vanquish, a painless, non-surgical way to remove unwanted fat cells from your waist and hips. And best of all, treatments take less than an hour, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the new you. Visit for complimentary consultation. Thrive aged beautifully.

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