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Feel more confident with excessive sweating treatments in Portland

Sweating is something that we all do when the body needs to cool off. For some people, sweat glands seem to operate even when the body is at a normal temperature. Excessive sweating is referred to as hyperhidrosis. Its effects on self-confidence can be devastating, but with focused treatments, this problem can be resolved. Individuals in the Portland area can find the help they need to stop excessive sweating in the comfortable Thrive anti-aging center.

What causes excessive sweating?

Hyperhidrosis is a problem that can make you feel extremely isolated. However, statistics demonstrate that over two million people suffer from this condition. Two types of sweat glands exist, eccrine and apocrine. Each type is activated by certain types of stimuli. While sweating is an essential cooling function, glands may also be stimulated by nervousness and anxiety, hormones, and emotions.

A person with hyperhidrosis is thought to be more biologically sensitive to internal and external stimulation. Seemingly incapable of turning off, the eccrine sweat glands in some people are overactive at all times, not just during physical or emotional stress. The medical term for this condition is primary focal hyperhidrosis. This means that excessive sweating is not related to medication or an underlying health condition. If you have been diagnosed with primary focal hyperhidrosis, there is hope for relief at Thrive. During a consultation with one of our licensed, experienced staff, you can discover the benefits of miraDry ® treatment.

Regain your confidence with miraDry ® treatments in Portland!

Using patented miraWaveTM energy technology, we gently treat the underarm area to reduce sweating. The glands targeted during treatment are destroyed by precise heating. The device, which has been developed through extensive clinical research, promotes comfort by cooling the tissues above the sweat glands. We also apply numbing cream to the skin to maintain comfort on the surface.

The results achieved with this non-invasive treatment are noticed right away. Because sweat glands are permanently disabled through energetic response, there should be no further issue with excessive sweating.

Would you like to stop worrying about excessive sweating? We can help! Contact Thrive today to schedule your consultation for miraDry ® treatment.

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