Portland residents ask, “What is the process of testosterone replacement for men?”

Testosterone Replacement for Men at Thrive in Portland Area

Aging may not just bring lines and wrinkles. Hormone levels may be affected. These changes impact energy levels, motivation levels, muscle, and bone density. Located in Portland, Dr. Adam Maddox of Thrive offers testosterone replacement for men. Testosterone replacement is an option to safely, effectively treat symptoms of hormone imbalance. How testosterone affects the body Hormones are produced by the endocrine system. They send messages throughout the body to help regulate the various processes. Testosterone is responsible for helping maintain bone density, muscle, fat, red blood cells, sex drive, sperm quality and count, and hair. In most men, testosterone levels … Continue reading

Men in Portland, OR benefit from positive impacts of testosterone therapy

Impact of Portland Testosterone Therapy in Men

Low testosterone levels, or “Low T”, can have a number of negative impacts on not only a man’s physical appearance, but also the way his body functions. This deficiency in testosterone can occur as part of the natural aging process or due to other factors, such as being overweight or having diabetes. Fortunately, there are effective therapies for men to boost their testosterone levels so they can get back to feeling and looking like themselves again. At Thrive Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Center in Portland, OR, Dr. Adam Maddox has over 15 years of experience in using testosterone therapy to treat … Continue reading

Women experiencing low libido can benefit from testosterone replacement in Portland

For Women experiencing low libido testosterone replacement in Portland area doctor

The important role of testosterone in the male body has been clearly identified. Most men can directly correlate their physical and sexual wellness to testosterone simply based on their age. For instance, men going through andropause, or the natural drop in testosterone levels, are more likely to struggle with abdominal fat, decreased muscle mass, and low libido. Additionally, research has demonstrated an increased risk for depression, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, and heart attack in men with low-t. But what about their female counterparts? Only in recent years have doctors and researchers begun to investigate how testosterone affects a woman’s sense of well-being. … Continue reading

Low-T and androgen replacement therapy is something to consider for Portland area men suffering depression

Low-T and androgen replacement therapy from expert doctor

Depression can be a touchy subject, especially for men. However, mounting research is pointing to the correlation between low-T and this issue. In one study, almost half of the participants who had been treated for depression also had low testosterone that had not been treated with androgen replacement therapy. At Thrive, men and women from the Portland area find a wonderful resource in Dr. Maddox, who has provided bio-identical hormone therapy for more than fifteen years. Our patients discover just how powerful hormones are in their overall quality of life. Imbalance in sex hormones has an effect on a lot … Continue reading

Find safe testosterone replacement treatment at Thrive in Portland

Safe Testosterone Replacement Treatment from expert doctor Portland

In the United States alone, millions of men would be described as having low testosterone levels. The decrease in production of this vital hormone is a natural byproduct of age. Though physicians such as Dr. Adam Maddox have been providing safe testosterone replacement treatment for more than a decade, most men who suffer from low testosterone are not getting the care they need. If you live in the Portland area and want to know how to manage your age better, we can help. Do you often feel tired? Has your sex drive or sexual performance plummeted? How is your mood? … Continue reading

Portland men’s clinic offers testosterone replacement therapy

TRT For Men Portland from local doctor

Thrive in Portland is a clinic for men and women who are interested in aging beautifully. We focus on anti-aging solutions and ways to improve the health and appearance of the body. We want our patients to know that we have a wide range of options when it comes to enhancing the body including ways to address hormonal changes that occur over the years. For example, while many women are experiencing a change in hormones during menopause, men may experience a similar decline in hormones called andropause. Andropause is essentially the male version of menopause. It affects men in the … Continue reading

Treatment for men in Beaverton, OR with low libido

Low Libido Treatment from doctor In Beaverton OR

Men in the Beaverton, OR area who are struggling with low libido often visit Thrive Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Center to learn about treatment options. They may discover that after hormone testing is complete, their low libido is directly linked with low testosterone levels. Testosterone is the male hormone that supports a healthy body and vitality. When levels are low, men may begin to experience not only low libido, but: Weak erections Excess body fat Poor sexual function Reduced muscle strength and tone Reduced mental and cognitive functions Increased risks of heart disease Lost vitality Increased depression and anxiety With testing, … Continue reading

Tigard area professional discusses the symptoms of low-T (testosterone)

Treatment for Symptoms of Low-T from doctor in Tigard

As men age, they may begin to experience a change in their hormone levels. This typically happens at a point known as andropause, which is essentially the male equivalent of female menopause. The hormone levels shift or drop dramatically, resulting in a variety of symptoms that can affect health and vitality. Men in and around the Tigard area who are dealing with a drop in testosterone, also known as “low-T,” are encouraged to speak to Dr. Adam Maddox of Thrive Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Center. He is a naturopathic aesthetic medicine specialist who offers a wide range of services including testosterone … Continue reading

Portland area professional discusses testosterone replacement therapy options

Low-T treatment from doctor in Portland

At Thrive, we provide a variety of ways to help patients age with grace and beauty. We offer cosmetic treatments such as body sculpting solutions and skin care products, but we also believe in helping our patients maintain proper hormone levels for optimum vitality. When men come to our Portland area practice to learn about Low-T (low testosterone), they may realize that they’ve been dealing with this hormonal imbalance for some time now. Low testosterone is something that can happen to any man regardless of age, but testosterone levels are shown to dip after the age of 25. Men’s testosterone … Continue reading

When Portland area patients are experiencing low libido, we provide effective treatment

Low Libido Treatment from doctor in Portland OR

It is common for men to experience changes in their body and their sexual desires as they age. This is just part of aging. However, sometimes, it can be linked to low testosterone. Patients in the Portland, OR area who are troubled by low libido may be worried that there is not an effective treatment or that it’s just the natural course of their life. Dr. Adam Maddox is a naturopathic aesthetic medicine specialist who offers treatments such as testosterone replacement that may be able to restore lost libido and sexual energy. Dr. Adam Maddox works with many men in … Continue reading




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