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Beaverton area patients ask about the side effects of Vanquish

female in lace panties and corset

Vanquish, a radiofrequency treatment used for fat reduction and body contouring, is a popular solution for Beaverton area patients who are ready to improve the way they look. This particular treatment, approved by the FDA, can provide gradual improvements over time and is much less invasive than traditional liposuction. Vanquish uses a specialized panel that is positioned above the body and administers radiofrequency energy to shrink and eliminate fat cells in the treatment area. Without needles and knives, patients can now achieve a more beautiful body. Dr. Adam Maddox of Thrive is excited to offer Vanquish for patients who are … Continue reading

How Vancouver area patients can lose belly fat

Woman Pinching Belly Fat

Patients in the Vancouver area who have been struggling with unwanted belly fat often try everything to lose it, including excessive dieting and exercising. However, the abdomen is one area of the body where it can be extremely difficult to eliminate unwanted fat. Fat deposits in this area often do not respond well to diet and exercise, and patients may feel as though their only option for losing belly fat is surgical intervention with a tummy tuck or liposuction. Thankfully, with improvements in technology, patients can now lose belly fat with a procedure known as Vanquish. Vanquish is a non-invasive … Continue reading

Portland area doctor offers effective love handle treatment

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At Thrive, in the Portland area, many patients are introduced to a wide range of cosmetic solutions for their skin and body. When individuals are concerned about excess skin on their abdomen or their “love handles,” they may want to speak to a professional about options that are not as invasive as surgeries. Dr. Adam Maddox of Thrive may suggest a pain-free alternative known as Vanquish. Vanquish is a radio frequency treatment that provides thermal energy to the fat cells within the abdomen and flanks, causing them to break down and naturally flush out of the body over the course … Continue reading

Tame that tummy with innovative Vanquish fat reduction

Non Surgical Fat Reduction in Portland - The next generation of body contouring

I hear a common concern from patients, regardless of whether we are heading into the winter holiday party season, or anticipating the approach of skimpier summer clothing. Men and women are distressed about excess inches around the middle. Those pounds around the abdomen, flanks, and back are particularly troublesome. Even patients who have a healthy overall body weight, get regular physical activity, and eat a nutritious diet can be genetically predisposed to stubborn pockets of fat in these areas. Thrive is pleased to offer Vanquish, an innovative way to effectively eliminate that obstinate fat, without needles, anesthetic, cutting, scars, or … Continue reading

The next generation of body contouring

Woman with fat abdomen, overweight female stomach

Virtually throughout the modern history of American culture, women have craved shapely curves with alluring midsections. Attaining a trimmer midriff without surgery, extreme workouts, or strict dieting seemed like something of a fantasy – until now. I’m finding that a revolutionary new system called Vanquish is a real game changer in long term fat removal. The Vanquish system is cleared by the FDA for deep tissue heating. It solves a number of problems that exist with previous non-invasive fat reduction techniques: Discomfort. Earlier systems that destroyed fat thermally – either with heat or cold – could be uncomfortable, even painful. … Continue reading

Enjoying permanent fat reduction and removal in Portland using Vanquish

Woman holding fold of skin, cellulite on female body

It used to be that the only way of removing unwanted fat from the body was through diet, exercise, and plastic surgery. When patients struggle with body fat on the thighs, waist, and stomach, they may feel the only option to eliminate it is to undergo plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is expensive, invasive, carries the risks inherent with any surgery, and requires extensive recovery time. Instead, patients have another option available to them through Thrive Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Center in Portland: Vanquish. This tried-and-true technology can provide permanent fat reduction and removal on specific areas of the body. Patients in … Continue reading

Effective fat removal procedures available in Tigard, OR

Young corpulent woman with measure tape

Fat removal procedures such as liposuction is a commonly suggested treatment for patients in the Tigard, OR area who are interested in contouring their body. However, this procedure can be expensive, risky, and requires extensive downtime for recovery. It is better suited for patients who need to make dramatic changes. However, patients with mild to moderate fat deposits on the midsection may be better suited for a less invasive procedure known as Vanquish. Vanquish is a treatment that uses radio frequency energy to target the fat cells deep within the skin without harming internal organs or muscles. The fat cells … Continue reading

Lake Oswego area patients can enjoy non-invasive fat removal with Vanquish treatment

Fat woman looking and touching her stomach

When patients in the Lake Oswego area are interested in achieving non-invasive fat removal, they may not know where to turn. Many patients may consider expensive and risky procedures such as tummy tucks and liposuction available through a plastic surgeon. However, this doesn’t have to be the only way. After diet and exercise have failed to achieve results, patients can speak to a doctor about fat removal through another method: Vanquish. Vanquish is a revolutionary way for patients to address unwanted fat on specific areas of the body. The treatment uses radio frequency energy to help men and women shrink … Continue reading

How can West Linn area patients remove fat from the thigh?

Fitness woman measuring her thigh on blue

Many men and women who visit the practice of Thrive near the West Linn area are frustrated with the way their body contours appear. They may feel as though their abdomen and thighs have too much fat. However, their attempts to address it with proper diet and regular exercise often provide little or no results. This is why Dr. Adam Maddox at Thrive may make suggestions speak to his patients about the benefits of treatments such as Vanquish. Vanquish is a body contouring solution for patients who want to remove fat from the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, or other area around … Continue reading

Tigard area patients learn about fat melting with Vanquish

Photo Of Beautiful Perfect Half Body And Tape Measure.

We all want to enjoy better body contours. Most men and women in the Tigard area have a specific part of the body they want to improve. The most common concern is fat deposits on areas such as the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. However, liposuction is not an option for many patients due to the invasiveness, the expense, the risk, and the healing time. Instead, many patients are happy to learn that there is a way of melting the fat off the body without having to go under the knife. This treatment is known as Vanquish and is readily available … Continue reading

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