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Non-surgical augmentation labiaplasty for labial rejuvenation in Portland, OR

Labiaplasty for labial rejuvenation from Dr. Adam Maddox in Portland

Over time a woman’s body goes through many changes. In addition to the natural aging process, women go through childbirth, possibly more than once, with multiple children, or with a difficult delivery. Each takes a toll on the body and can change the appearance of a woman’s intimate area. Patients may seek augmentation labiaplasty of the labia to improve the size, shape, or proportional imbalances. Dr. Adam Maddox and the team at Thrive in Portland, OR offer non-surgical labial rejuvenation.

The aging process does not just cause changes in the face. The body changes as well. As women age, there is a continuous loss of fat in the labia. The skin changes. These changes may vary from woman to woman but they are a natural part of aging.

In the past, vaginoplasty or labiaplasty surgery were the only options for labial rejuvenation. Surgery comes with risks including infection, scarring, and downtime. The Ultra Femme 360 from BTL Aesthetics allows patients to get the results they desire without undergoing vagina surgery or the cost of surgical labiaplasty. Patients can achieve effective results with significant lifting and firming of the labia.

Labiaplasty before and after

Prior to a labial rejuvenation, the tissues and muscles of the vaginal area may be lax and without tone. The Ultra Femme 360 uses radiofrequency energy to heat the treatment area increasing blood flow. Collagen is stimulated which results in a rejuvenated appearance and sensitivity in the intimate areas. This procedure only takes 20 to 30 minutes per session. Although some women see improvement following a single treatment, a series of three to four treatments is recommended for optimal results.

The labiaplasty recovery period using radiofrequency technology is minimal. The area may be pink or slightly swollen but these side effects should subside within a few hours of your treatment. Patients can return to their normal routine following the appointment and to sexual activities within a week.

Don’t let embarrassment keep you from feeling your best. Give your confidence and well-being a boost. Contact Thrive today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Adam Maddox. (503) 928-6505  

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