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Why Portland, OR patients love antiaging treatment with Juvéderm injections

Antiaging treatment with Juvéderm injections

Juvéderm injections are among the most requested cosmetic treatments in Portland, OR. This popular dermal filler is made by Allergan, the company that brought us Botox. What makes it so popular? There are many answers to that question. Effective wrinkle treatment As facial volume disappears, wrinkles begin to appear. At first, you might notice a few lines and a bit of saggy skin. Gradually, well defined folds develop, including those surrounding the mouth like parenthesis. Juvéderm XC is FDA-approved for correction of these unwelcome parentheses, as well as marionette lines, which extend to the chin. Benefits beyond anti-aging Juvéderm is … Continue reading

What to expect: Kybella treatment for double chin in Portland, OR

Kybella treatment for double chin in Portland, OR

A quick internet search will reveal dozens of instructions for facial exercises, proclaimed to get rid of your double chin. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to support those claims. Exercises may firm up muscles, but they won’t eliminate the stubborn fat pocket that characterizes a double chin. What does work? The answer is Kybella, a simple injectable treatment, available right here in Portland, OR at Thrive. Kybella was the first injectable medication to earn FDA approval for double chin treatment, and at this time, it remains the only one. It effectively destroys fat cells for reliable and long-lasting chin … Continue reading

Treatment options for acne scars in Portland, OR – is laser therapy a good choice

Treatment options for acne scars in Portland, OR

Dr. Adam Maddox and the team at Thrive are well-known in Portland and beyond, having earned a reputation for excellence in aesthetic and wellness-related treatments. We see patients with a wide range of concerns, but perhaps none so common as acne. Modern myths assure teens that they will outgrow acne. Often, the pimples do fade as puberty-related hormones subside, but not always. When it does clear, many people are left with lingering discoloration or deep scars. Sometimes acne returns later in life. The reality is that nearly everyone will experience this condition at some point, and it often leaves lasting … Continue reading

All about cellulite: causes, prevention, reduction, and treatment in Portland

Cellulite causes, prevention, reduction, and treatment in Portland

The myth is that diet and exercise will lead to a picture-perfect body. The reality is that even the healthiest people still struggle with bulging, sagging, and lumpy spots on their bodies. Cellulite is on the list of problems that persist, despite great skincare habits, weight loss, and other efforts. If you are frustrated by “cottage cheese thighs,” turn to the trusted professionals at Thrive in Portland, OR. What causes cellulite? It might become more predominant if you gain weight or become less noticeable after weight loss. Yet, it never seems to go away. Cellulite looks like lumpy fat, giving … Continue reading

Discover a new youthful radiance with Radiesse treatment in Portland, OR

Discover a new youthful radiance with Radiesse treatment

Dr. Maddox and the team of skilled medical professionals at Thrive, in Portland OR have a common goal, and that is to help you look and feel your best every day! We are proud to provide a comprehensive array of antiaging treatments. For those who have experienced significant facial volume loss, and who are serious about seeking long-lasting results, Radiesse tissue filler is a natural choice. Restoring youth As you may know, volume loss is among the most significant causes of facial aging. Over time, many natural processes within the body slow. Among these is the production of collagen, an … Continue reading

How laser treatment in Portland, OR can reduce brown spots

Laser treatment options for brown spots in Portland OR

They go by many names. You might call them age spots, liver spots, solar lentigines, senile lentigo, or sun spots. By any name, these brown spots on the face and body can be a vexing problem for men and women around the world. Those of you living in or near Portland, OR are fortunate to have a wide variety of premium corrective treatments, including laser therapy, available right here at Thrive. What causes brown spots on the skin? Sun spots are a form of hyperpigmentation. The direct cause of these dark areas is excess melanin (skin pigment) production. The underlying … Continue reading

Portland patients stay fresh and dry with miraDry treatment for excessive sweating

Minimally-invasive miraDry treatment for excessive sweating brings immediate, permanent results.

Children play hard. Yet they don’t have the discomfort of a soggy tee-shirt or the humiliation of perspiration odor. Yet for 7.8 million Americans, that changes drastically at puberty. For these individuals, sweat glands become overactive, producing much more secretion than necessary. Excessive sweating is a serious quality of life issue. Thrive in Portland addresses it effectively with miraDry treatment. The reality of hyperhidrosis The average human body has about three million sweat glands. Eccrine glands produce a thin liquid that is colorless and has no odor. These glands, found primarily on the face and back, are active throughout life, … Continue reading

Step-by-step guide to Infini radiofrequency treatment in Portland, OR

Infini radiofrequency treatment tightens and refines skin, with minimal downtime.

Infini radiofrequency treatment is a versatile solution for women and men who want refined, younger-looking skin without the downtime of surgical or aggressive laser procedures. The Thrive team in Portland, OR is experienced in performing this minimally-invasive treatment, achieving excellent results. Do you have questions about this innovative technique? Keep reading for answers. What is Infini? Collagen is a fibrous protein found in many bodily tissues. Its purpose in skin is two-fold. First, it forms an underlying scaffold that keeps skin taut, elastic, and smooth. Second, it is essential to wound healing. Unfortunately, as we age our bodies produce less … Continue reading

Bringing balance to your life with hormone replacement therapy in Portland OR

Dr. Maddox and the team of Thrive in Portland offer a variety of hormone replacement therapy options.

Have you been feeling tired and moody, or noticing the spark fade from your romantic relationships? At one time, these symptoms were considered inevitable aspects of aging. Today, the medical community has a much greater understanding of the science of aging, which has led to a wealth of innovative and effective solutions. This includes various options in hormone replacement therapy, available right here at Thrive in Portland, Oregon. What causes hormonal imbalance? The most common cause is time. With aging comes a number of inevitable changes in the body, including hormonal changes. In women, this is well known as menopause, … Continue reading

Transforming your body with Vanquish ME Plus treatment in Portland, OR

Portland, OR patients are discovering a new, nonsurgical way to redefine their body shapes with Vanquish ME Plus treatment from Thrive

Vanquish ME Plus from Thrive is the amazing body sculpting system that has Portland, OR talking! It can shape and tighten all those troublesome spots, giving you the toned and contoured look that you’ve been seeking. Best of all, this wonderful treatment can accomplish all of this without surgery and without downtime. How Vanquish makes the inches vanish Vanquish by BTL was one of the early fat melting technologies to hit the market, and now it is better than ever. The second generation Vanquish ME system is better and more flexible than ever. It uses a non-contact system to deliver … Continue reading

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