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Men in Portland, OR benefit from positive impacts of testosterone therapy

Impact of Portland Testosterone Therapy in Men

Low testosterone levels, or “Low T”, can have a number of negative impacts on not only a man’s physical appearance, but also the way his body functions. This deficiency in testosterone can occur as part of the natural aging process or due to other factors, such as being overweight or having diabetes. Fortunately, there are effective therapies for men to boost their testosterone levels so they can get back to feeling and looking like themselves again. At Thrive Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Center in Portland, OR, Dr. Adam Maddox has over 15 years of experience in using testosterone therapy to treat … Continue reading

Men in Portland are reclaiming youth with hormone replacement therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men in Portland area

Is time catching up with you? Frequent fatigue, reduced mental clarity, and problems in the bedroom can lead you to feel like you just aren’t the man you used to be. However, the problem might be more than just age. Hypogonadism is a medical condition involving below normal testosterone levels. It can be treated with hormone replacement therapy for men, which is available at Thrive in Portland, OR. What is low T? Young boys have very low testosterone levels, which rise rapidly during puberty. The peak of testosterone usually lasts through early adulthood, usually until ages 30 to 40. After … Continue reading

Why Portland patients choose Infini skin rejuvenation

Infini Skin Rejuvenation in Portland area

Infini is a unique dual-action device that combines the traditional skin rejuvenation technique of microneedling with next-generation radiofrequency technology. The result is a comprehensive skin rejuvenation solution, which is gentle and minimally invasive, yet powerful enough to correct a wide array of cosmetic concerns and signs of aging. We are proud to offer this exceptional treatment, right here at Thrive in Portland, OR. Benefits of microneedling Microneedling is a tried and true skin rejuvenation technique, which has been used for many years with great success. The idea is credited to German dermatologist, Ernst Kromayer, who experimented with a variety of … Continue reading

End excessive sweating with MiraDry treatment in Portland, OR

Miradry for Excessive Sweating in Portland OR area

Imagine standing in a crowded elevator. It’s middle of summer, and the building’s air conditioner is down for repair. As you raise your arm to press the button, you recognize someone standing alongside you as a VIP. What now? Just don’t sweat it – literally. That might sound like a tall order is you suffer from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), but it is more possible than you think, thanks to MiraDry treatment available from Thrive in Portland, OR. What is MiraDry? It is not a drug or a topical antiperspirant. It’s not a surgery, and it’s not temporary. So, what is … Continue reading

Personalized anti-aging skincare strategies keep Portland, OR looking youthful

Anti Aging Skincare in Portland OR area

Many aspects of your personality and physical being influence how young you seem… both to yourself and to others. Yet few traits are as immediately noticeable as your complexion. Dr. Adam Maddox and his team of skincare professionals take special interest in creating anti-aging programs tailored to the individual’s skin type, lifestyle, and rejuvenation goals. The Thrive facility in Portland, OR is well-equipped to offer a multitude of leading-edge solutions for aging skin. Characteristics of youthful skin Because age-related complexion changes happen gradually while we are preoccupied with busy lives, we tend to forget just how vibrant our skin was … Continue reading

Portland, OR faces look refreshed with Botox treatment for eyebrows

Botox Treatment for Eyebrows in Portland OR area

Has someone recently asked you, “What’s wrong?” when you were cheerful and felt fine? Does your reflection in the mirror look stern, angry, or tired? It could be due to dynamic wrinkles weighing down your forehead. In the hands of an expert injector, Botox treatment for eyebrows smooths the forehead, restoring an alert, invigorated look. Dr. Adam Maddox and his team at Thrive have years of experience administering hundreds of Botox cosmetic treatments for men and women in the Portland, OR area. The Botox “brow lift” A traditional forehead lift involves surgical removal of excess sagging skin and repositioning the … Continue reading

Vaginal tightening treatment benefits Portland, OR women at many life stages

Vaginal Tightening Treatment in Portland OR area

It is not possible to stop time from changing the human body. However, an innovative advancement in radiofrequency technology is helping women feel like themselves again following childbirth, as they age, after menopause, or post-surgery. ULTRA Femme 360 vaginal tightening treatment is available from Dr. Adam Maddox at Thrive Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Center in Portland, OR. How the feminine body changes The vagina is an internal cylinder extending from a woman’s uterus to the exterior of her body, creating the birth canal for a baby’s delivery. The vagina is comprised of muscles, fibrous connective tissues, and nerves. In a youthful, … Continue reading

Emsella procedure for urinary incontinence now in Portland, OR

Treatment for Urinary Incontinence with Emsella in Portland, OR area

The Emsella chair has been going places over the past few weeks with a lot of great publicity. Emsella reviews have been well-received by an appreciative audience. For the uninitiated, Emsella is a medical procedure which has been termed an ideal solution to the problem of urinary incontinence, especially among women. The reasons for urinary incontinence are many, but it’s a hugely inconvenient and embarrassing problem for the millions who suffer from it. Women, especially those who are middle-aged, are especially vulnerable to the condition. The revolutionary Emsella chair was introduced by urogynecologist Dr. Red Alinsod. The FDA-approved device uses … Continue reading

How does Exilis skin tightening compare to alternative treatments in Portland, OR?

Woman with measure tape in her hand to measure herself

The hands of time can be unkind, particularly to the skin. Dr. Maddox and the team at Thrive offer an extensive variety of treatment options, including Exilis skin tightening. Exilis vs surgical facelift There was a time when tightening up and shaping required going under the knife. Thankfully, that era ended with the introduction of nonsurgical, even noninvasive, rejuvenation techniques. Although surgery still does, and always will, have an important place in aesthetic medicine, it is no longer the only way. Today’s cosmetic patients have virtually endless options to choose from. Cosmetic surgery for dramatic improvement of a single area … Continue reading

Patients in Portland, OR ask, “What sets Restylane filler treatment apart?”

Beautiful woman isolated white background portrait.

Restylane is one of the best-known and most requested dermal filler products in Portland, OR. There are many reasons for its popularity, including the wide variety of scientifically developed formulas that facilitate highly individualized anti-aging procedures with natural looking results. The benefits of hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers HA is a natural substance is found in most parts of the body, so the risk of allergic reaction is eliminated. Because HA molecules bind with and retain water, it serves functions such as keeping joints lubricated, eyeballs moist, and skin hydrated. Naturally-occurring HA degrades and is metabolized very quickly, but it is … Continue reading

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