Age beautifully and confidently with C02 laser resurfacing, an alternative to invasive surgery in Portland Oregon

At Thrive in Portland, Oregon, we support our patients’ abilities to age beautifully and confidently with advanced technologies and treatments. “Resurfacing” represents an entire category of procedures that are designed to improve the health of your skin and how it looks and feels. The skin may be resurfaced in a variety of ways; chemically with peels, mechanically with microdermabrasion, and with lasers or other light-based devices.

Laser resurfacing presents one of the most precise methods to remove dead skin cells and stimulate firming collagen production. The CO2 or carbon dioxide laser is among the most time-tested of those light-based technologies, and Dr. Adam Maddox may recommend it to reveal your healthiest, most vibrant skin.

Resurfacing, explained

Skin cells are “born” in the lower epidermis. As they mature, the cells travel upward to the skin’s surface, where they are sloughed off. Aging slows down this process. Skin cells build up on the surface. In turn, formerly radiant and silky skin can become “tired,” dull, and leathery to the touch. While extrinsic aging caused by environmental and lifestyle factors plays an important role in cell turnover as we get older, the most powerful ways to rejuvenate the skin’s surface cannot be found in bottles. Our professional team at Thrive is experienced in technology-aided techniques to remove the lackluster outer skin and bring healthy, fresh tissue to the surface.

Laser basics

We have an array of laser systems to choose from at Thrive. Generally, all lasers work in similar ways; the light from the laser device is directed toward the trouble area, be it the face, neck, chest, or the backs of the hands. Therapeutic energy from the laser light generates controlled heat to the targeted tissues, which triggers the process of collagen remodeling in the dermis or mid-layer. Accordingly, laser resurfacing replenishes this firming protein. The body doesn’t make as much collagen as we age. Laser treatment also promotes new skin cells, supporting more evenly-toned, unblemished, soft, smooth, and glowing skin.

The beauty of CO2 lasers

Carbon dioxide lasers have been around since the 1960s. So, they have a record of clinical effectiveness and safety, and they are still considered to be among the most powerful, efficient, and versatile devices of their kind. The latest generation of CO2 lasers is here now at Thrive’s office. These systems deliver therapeutic energy precisely to the skin by using ultra-short pulses of light. These beams of light may be continually delivered to areas of concern in a scanning pattern. Such fractional or fractionated laser treatments split the light into 1,000s of microscopic channels. These micro-columns are so small that they are around 10 times tinier than our hair follicles.

Are you a good candidate?

Many patients with signs of aging and otherwise healthy skin appreciate that they have an effective and non-invasive way to improve their appearance dramatically. If you have darker skin or active acne, we may discuss our range of alternative therapies to love the skin that you’re in.

If CO2 lasers are appropriate, the process is generally well tolerated with little more than a numbing anesthetic for enhanced comfort. You may feel some warmth as the laser is passed across the treatment zones. Afterward, it is not uncommon to experience some temporary redness or swelling. Your experience with CO2 lasers depends at least partly on the exact device we use, and the settings applied for custom treatment.

Likewise, the cost of treatment depends on factors such as the type of device that is used. Overall, Co2 laser resurfacing is a great value. Improvement is noticeable immediately and gets better as collagen is renewed. These stunning results can last for years with proper skin care and sun protection. If we remove scars or precancerous growths, insurance may cover treatment.

To find out more about what to expect before, during, and after treatment, contact Thrive to schedule your appointment.