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Exilis treatment in Portland is changing lives for the better

Exilis treatment in Portland area doctor

If you have imagined yourself with tighter, firmer skin but you didn’t desire some of the high risks you’ve heard about with other treatments, there is something new to try. With an Exilis treatment performed by Dr. Adam Maddox and his highly qualified staff, you can experience what thousands already have. Exilis is a device that uses radio frequency energy to melt fat and tighten your skin, giving you ageless beauty. Over a short period time, most patients see long lasting results after four to eight sessions.

Dr. Maddox provides Exilis for his patients to bring back elasticity and firmness that their skin once had. While we age, the collagen in our skin decreases, allowing the skin to sag and become droopy. Treatment with Exilis can bring youth back into your skin making you feel wonderful and look younger. We know you’ll be happy with this safe and effective way of restoring your skin to state of health and youthful beauty.

Exilis treatments are perfect for all skin types and are even effective through a tan. The energy penetrates deep into the tissue to work where it is needed. Temperature control access maintains safe and non-invasive levels of energy so Dr. Maddox can perform the procedure safely and effectively. Discomfort is minimal because we are controlling the device. You are not put under a machine and left alone. You’ll be amazed there is no downtime when using Exilis, so there is no preparation necessary. Exilis can treat many stubborn areas of the body that haven’t worked with other products or equipment.

At the Thrive Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Center in Portland, a rejuvenated you is just around the corner. Caring and compassionate, Dr. Maddox wants you to experience the beauty and delicacy your skin holds. Having imperfections can cause needless stress and drive self-esteem down. Come back to a healthy level of confidence with Exilis treatments. We know you’ll be satisfied and overjoyed with how you feel after you combat the areas of your skin that are troubling. Please call or come in for a consultation today.

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