When you are looking for “cosmetic physician near me,” it can be difficult to find a physician who can help you reach your cosmetic goals while listening to your preferences and tailoring your treatment to your needs. At Thrive Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Center near Sunnyside, OR, you will get just that and more. Our experienced cosmetic physician, Dr. Adam Maddox, takes a personalized approach to every patient’s care so that they can feel great and self-confident about their appearance.

Rejuvenating facial therapies

  • Dermal fillers to boost volume and smooth out wrinkles
  • Botox injections to prevent active wrinkles, such as forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines
  • Infini microneedling to rejuvenate and tighten skin
  • Nova threads for facial contouring and non-surgical facelifts
  • Treatments for acne scars, rosacea, melasma, and hyperpigmentation
  • Kybella injections to get rid of a double chin
  • Chemical peels
  • Recommendations for at-home regimens to maintain your beautiful results between in-office treatments

Treatments for your body

As we age, we literally wear the signs of our years on our skin – from sun spots on our neck, chest, and hands to scars and extra weight that is harder to lose. Aging can also take its toll in less visible ways, such as a reduced libido, female urinary incontinence, or mood changes. With the latest non-invasive therapies and hormone therapies at Thrive, you can get back to feeling like yourself again!

  • The sun does not simply damage your face – it can also lead to sun spots and wrinkles on your neck, chest, hands, and other commonly exposed areas; with Exilis radiofrequency energy treatment and laser/light therapies, you can tighten your skin and remove unwanted brown and red spots
  • If you have stubborn pockets of fat that don’t seem to budge no matter how much you exercise and watch what you eat, then body contouring treatments such as Vanquish and Exilis may be just what you need to start fitting into your clothes better and feeling great about your body
  • Cellulite is incredibly common, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it – with Cellutone and other therapies at Thrive, you can reduce cellulite and achieve a smoother, firmer appearance
  • Injuries, labor and delivery, and weight fluctuations can lead to unsightly scars and stretch marks, but with treatments such as high intensity focused radiofrequency therapy or laser therapies, you can erase them and feel confident in your skin again
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Learn more in your personalized consultation

The first step in aesthetic and anti-aging treatments at Thrive is to come in for a personalized consultation, where we perform a thorough evaluation of your skin and listen to your cosmetic goals. We take the time to learn about you, what you like and don’t like about your skin or body, and the types of treatments you might be interested in. We will help you understand the pros and cons of your various options so you can feel confident about your decision about which treatment(s) are right for you.

If you are located near Sunnyside, OR and feel like something has been holding you back from looking and feeling your best—whether it is wrinkles, stubborn fat, or other aesthetic issue—there has never been a better time to act. At Thrive Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Center, we will help you achieve the beautiful results you deserve. Call us today at 

Call our office for more information

Call us at : (503) 928-6505

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