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Lake Oswego area patients can enjoy non-invasive fat removal with Vanquish treatment

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When patients in the Lake Oswego area are interested in achieving non-invasive fat removal, they may not know where to turn. Many patients may consider expensive and risky procedures such as tummy tucks and liposuction available through a plastic surgeon. However, this doesn’t have to be the only way. After diet and exercise have failed to achieve results, patients can speak to a doctor about fat removal through another method: Vanquish.

Vanquish is a revolutionary way for patients to address unwanted fat on specific areas of the body. The treatment uses radio frequency energy to help men and women shrink their waistlines in a way never thought possible before. The radio frequency energy targets fat cells deep within the skin and causes them to shrink down to the point where they are naturally flushed through the body over the course of several weeks and months. The results are a slimmer waistline and improved body contours.

Vanquish works with specialized panels that emit radio frequency energy to the treatment areas. Most patients will use this treatment to target fat around the abdomen and thighs. These panels hover over the body while patients lay on the treatment table. A warming sensation is described by patients, but it is comfortable.

Patients who are interested in Vanquish must first determine if they are appropriate candidates for the procedure. Those who may want to consider treatment are those who are having trouble targeting unwanted fat with diet and exercise and want to get rid of the last few inches around the abdomen or thighs. By using targeted treatment such as this, patients are able to direct their attention to the specific areas in which they want to improve. All of this is done with no downtime, no expensive surgeries, and no risk of infections.

If you reside in or around the area of Lake Oswego and want to speak to a professional about effective, non-invasive fat removal now is the perfect time to contact the team of Thrive. Dr. Adam Maddox and his team can assist patients in finding the procedures appropriate for improving their body and enjoying more attractive contours.

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