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Effective fat removal procedures available in Tigard, OR

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Fat removal procedures such as liposuction is a commonly suggested treatment for patients in the Tigard, OR area who are interested in contouring their body. However, this procedure can be expensive, risky, and requires extensive downtime for recovery. It is better suited for patients who need to make dramatic changes. However, patients with mild to moderate fat deposits on the midsection may be better suited for a less invasive procedure known as Vanquish.

Vanquish is a treatment that uses radio frequency energy to target the fat cells deep within the skin without harming internal organs or muscles. The fat cells are heated to induce apoptosis to address the deep fat cells. Most patients who undergo this procedure will notice an average removal of two inches of fat around the midsection, typically seeing results as soon as two weeks after their fourth treatment. Vanquish is a procedure that needs to be done regularly for several session to achieve optimum results.

Vanquish applies radio frequency energy through a large panel that hovers over the skin and does not touch the body. Patients relax on a treatment table while the procedure is done, resting and enjoying a little quiet time in their busy, active schedules. This treatment permanently eliminates the fat and can help patients achieve better body contours.

Most patients are appropriate candidates for the Vanquish procedure. This opens up many patients to the possibility of achieving a more attractive body without plastic surgery procedures. Patients will find that one of the most amazing benefits is that that they will not have to deal with any downtime or recovery that comes with many surgeries. After Vanquish treatments, they can return to their busy lifestyles without interruption. This is great for men and women who cannot take time off of work or exercise to achieve better body contours through more traditional methods.

Dr. Adam Maddox and the team at Thrive are here to assist men and women in feeling better about the way they look and feel in their own body. Contact them today to book an appointment and learn about Vanquish and other body contouring and fat removal treatments available in our facility.

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