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Personalized anti-aging skincare strategies keep Portland, OR looking youthful

Anti Aging Skincare in Portland OR area

Many aspects of your personality and physical being influence how young you seem… both to yourself and to others. Yet few traits are as immediately noticeable as your complexion. Dr. Adam Maddox and his team of skincare professionals take special interest in creating anti-aging programs tailored to the individual’s skin type, lifestyle, and rejuvenation goals. The Thrive facility in Portland, OR is well-equipped to offer a multitude of leading-edge solutions for aging skin. Characteristics of youthful skin Because age-related complexion changes happen gradually while we are preoccupied with busy lives, we tend to forget just how vibrant our skin was … Continue reading

Say goodbye to acne scars with Infini treatment in Portland, OR

Acne is a frustrating and embarrassing problem for many people

Acne is a frustrating and embarrassing problem for many people, and all too often the agony continues long after the skin condition clears. Severe acne can leave lasting scars, which are notoriously difficult to treat. Now Portland, OR patients have a new treatment option, with Infini from Thrive Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Center. It combines two tried and true techniques – microneedling and radiofrequency (RF) rejuvenation. Microneedling and RF – better together Microneedling is a popular, minimally invasive collagen stimulation technique. It is simple and surprisingly gentle, utilizing a multitude of hair-like fine needles to create tiny channels in the skin. … Continue reading

Experienced anti-aging doctor in Portland, OR helps patients look and feel younger

Dr. Adam Maddox is the experienced cosmetic and anti-aging doctor Portland, OR trusts for leading edge treatments to looks and feel younger.

Age affects more than the appearance of your face. It impacts how your body functions. It influences the impression others have of your enthusiasm and capabilities. It also has the power to change how you feel about yourself. Experienced anti-aging doctor, Dr. Adam Maddox, gives patients in the Portland, OR area and increased level of control over the aging process. Compelling credentials As a Board-certified physician, Dr. Maddox has broad-based background in allopathic medicine – primarily the conventional treatment of symptoms. He applied that academic knowledge with a zest for helping others look and feel more youthful to naturopathic medicine, … Continue reading

Portland, OR patients ask, “What is Volbella and how long does it last?”

ip rejuvenation turn to Dr. Maddox

Patients in the Portland, OR area seeking long-lasting lip rejuvenation turn to Dr. Maddox and his team at Thrive. We offer a wide range of anti-aging and cosmetic enhancement options, including Volbella XC. It is the newest dermal filler in the Juvéderm line, continuing a long tradition of excellent anti-aging products from Allergan. In 2016 the FDA approved Volbella for use in the lip area, with results lasting up to a year. The fine art of lip rejuvenation With age comes changes in skin, including the loss of volume. This is especially noticeable in the lip area. Not only do … Continue reading

Services available from your anti-aging specialist in Portland OR

Everyone wants to age beautifully. However, as we get older, our bodies produce less collagen and elastin. As a result, our skin loses the supple, smooth appearance it had in our younger days. There are plenty of creams and lotions all over drug store shelves, touting claims of helping you look younger instantly. The truth is, if you want to reverse the visible signs of aging, you need the help of an experienced anti-aging specialist. At Thrive, our focus is on helping our Portland patients go through life looking as fresh and vibrant as possible. We offer a variety of … Continue reading

Your aesthetic medicine specialist in Portland can help you avoid acne scarring

Although acne affects a large majority of young people, this condition is not restricted to only the teen population. Many adults also experience breakouts. Regardless of your age, acne can cause a great deal of emotional turmoil. At Thrive, we believe in working quickly to solve the problem of acne with personalized treatment, helping our patients avoid the scarring that is possible with this condition. Causes of acne Some believe that teens are the primary sufferers of acne due to their lifestyle habits, which may include fast food and a lack of regular skin care. In reality, teens are most … Continue reading

Chemical peels from your anti-aging specialist in Beaverton

For patients wishing to take years off their appearance, chemical peels are an excellent solution to rejuvenate reveal clearer, smoother skin. Aging takes a toll on our skin. Years of sun exposure, acne, and wrinkles can leave you unable to recognize your own reflection in the mirror. Dr. Maddox is a specialist in anti-aging services such as chemical peels that can help patients in Beaverton look and feel their best. Our skin is the largest organ on our body. Years of exposure to UV rays and pollutants in the air can leave you with fine lines, deep wrinkles, blemishes, and … Continue reading

Patients in 97209 (Portland) ask, “Why should I seek an anti-aging specialist for Botox”?

It is important to feel great about the way you look. It improves your self-confidence and can help you be more successful in both your personal and professional life. As we age, lines and wrinkles begin to appear on the face. For many, this can begin as early as their 30s. Patients in 97209 now have an answer to stubborn frown lines and crow’s feet. With Botox treatments from an anti-aging specialist like Dr. Maddox at Thrive, you can have radiant, rejuvenated skin. Dynamic wrinkles are a product of years of repeated muscle contractions like smiling, laughing, and frowning. When … Continue reading

Rejuvenate your skin at our inviting anti-aging center in Portland OR

Medical cosmetics like Botox and dermal fillers are often seen as “wonder drugs,” capable of taking years off of the appearance of the skin. Since the development of these formulas, the face of aging has changed. Now, men and women can turn back the hands of time without the need for cosmetic surgery. Still, the aging process is one that is ongoing. In its complexity, aging may be best treated with a variety of treatments. At the Thrive anti-aging center in Portland, OR, we offer a comprehensive selection of anti-aging solutions that have been proven time and time again. Our patients … Continue reading

Radiant, younger looking skin with laser therapy from Dr. Adam Maddox in Portland

Beautiful people are all around us, staring at us from magazine covers, on the TV, and even behind you in line at the grocery store. In this day and age, there is a real desire to find ways to improve our appearance. Whether that is by a new haircut or color, cosmetic dental procedures, or even an update in wardrobe, people often turn to things that they can replace or change. When it comes to our skin, replacing is not an option. The key to beautiful skin is quality care, and that’s exactly what you will receive from Dr. Adam … Continue reading

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