A woman’s body goes through many changes as part of the aging process. In addition, childbirth, especially a difficult delivery or multiple children, takes a toll on the appearance of the intimate area. Enlarged labia can cause self-consciousness, or discomfort in form-fitting clothing or during intercourse. Thrive, Portland’s premier aesthetic and anti-aging center, offers non-surgical labial rejuvenation treatment.

What is labial rejuvenation?

In the past, your only option was surgical excision of excess tissue. That carried risk of infection and scarring, and required a significant recovery period. With the ULTRA Femme 360 system from BTL Aesthetics, you can achieve significant lifting and firming of labia major and minor, without surgery.

The device uses focused radiofrequency energy to heat the external vaginal area, increasing blood supply to labia, clitoris, pubic mound, and perineum. Treatment stimulates collagen synthesis for rejuvenated appearance and heightened sensitivity. ULTRA Femme 360 is the fastest labial rejuvenation modality available. The procedure takes only 20 to 30 minutes, and may be combined with internal vaginal rejuvenation. Three to four treatments (one time per week) are usually recommended for optimal results. Some women see improvement after the first appointment.

Why choose ULTRA Femme 360?

  • Painless – Most patients report a pleasant warmth, and no significant discomfort.
  • Minimal recovery time – Tissues may be pink and have slight swelling, but it typically resolves within a few hours. You can return to regular activities right after your visit and intimate relations after a week.
  • Safe – Radiofrequency creates collagen remodeling at a lower temperature than laser devices, for safer treatment. Plus, the device uses sterile, disposable applicator tips.
  • Effective – Provides long-term improvement in the appearance of labia, and associated sexual confidence and physical comfort.

Discreet, non-surgical labial rejuvenation treatment is changing how Portland area women feel about themselves. Call (503) 928-6505 to schedule a consultation.