Permanent relief from excessive sweating available in Portland

miraDry treatment in Portland, Oregon is a painless and non-invasive procedure used for destroying sweat glands and odor glands from under the arms. It will also remove unwanted hair in the area, as well. This hyperhidrosis treatment is cleared by the FDA and can be performed in approximately one hour. The cost is affordable for many of our patients who are seeking a permanent solution to hyperhidrosis.

Nearly eight million Americans live with hyperhidrosis – excessive underarm sweating.

This condition affects much more than your favorite shirt. For many women and men in the Portland area, it inhibits social interaction and success in the workplace due to sweaty armpits and underarm odor that cannot be controlled with traditional deodorants or antiperspirants. Dr. Adam Maddox suggests a scientific, nonsurgical approach with permanent results – miraDry treatment in Portland, Oregon.

miraDry, FDA approved hyperhidrosis treatment

miraDry is the only FDA-approved treatment that permanently reduces underarm sweat and odor in as little as one treatment. Experience the non-surgical treatment which brings immediate results.

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How miraDry works

Treatment noninvasively targets sweat and odor glands in underarms with microwave energy. Localized thermolysis heats and destroys sweat glands without harm to surrounding tissues. Ninety percent of miraDry patients see a reduction in perspiration of about 82 percent. Once glands are treated, they do not regenerate, so improvement is lasting. Your body has up to five million sweat glands, so necessary cooling functions continue. However, treatment does NOT increase sweat production in other areas.


Tried Miradry on My Armpits and Its Working - Highly satisfied patient

Tried Miradry on My Armpits and Its Working
Listen to Sarah’s testimonial to understand how miraDry can save your day and bring you relief and comfort which may have been eluding you for years due to underarm sweating and odor. Head over to Thrive and see how the experience can change your life.

Hi, my name is Sarah and I’ve had hyperhidrosis for the past 17 years and I’ve tried many forms of treatment. I’ve done medications under the arms. I’ve switched medications that maybe would cause extra sweating under the arms. I’ve even tried Botox and I went as far as I was looking into treatment during surgery which I found to be very risky for myself with not very many good outcomes, and with the hyperhidrosis, it is a very embarrassing condition. It can affect relationships; it can ruin a lot of clothes. It has ruined a lot of clothes and it’s something that I’ve had to live with for So, long. I wanted to be able to have something done to be able to help with the effects of this and I was on the internet one day. It was actually on Facebook and I was going through, I was just scrolling through and I found an ad and it was talking about, do you have access sweating and I had clicked on it and was looking around and I found that there was a procedure for Miradry, and I was looking around trying to find a place that was near my area and I happened to find thrive, and I wanted to see that that it was a, a, good clinic with good ratings. A clinic that people have known about. I didn’t want to just go anywhere to be able to get this procedure done. So, I did my research and I decided to go ahead and book an appointment. I knew it was going to be less invasive than going through with the surgery, plus I couldn’t find a provider that was willing to send me for the surgery because of all the risks that could happen with me and not such a great outcome. So, I went ahead and I booked my appointment and I got to meet Tristan. I actually had every intention to listen to my music during the procedure because I knew it was going to be super nervous and I ended up not being able to find my headphones but Tristan was very personable. Great bedside manners and it was just like I was there talking to a friend and then I got to meet doctor Maddox who was able to do all the numbing under the arms. That’s the only part of the procedure that I actually felt was just the injections for the numbing. And then there’s a grid. It looks like a tattoo that goes on the arm, and then that is where the laser is on the arm and it just moves all around to the areas where I have all the excessive sweating. I don’t feel anything during the entire process. I was relaxed. I wasn’t nervous once I got in there and was able to talk to Tristan. She was able to explain everything, step by step, and I pretty much knew since my condition was severe and I’d had it for So, long I expected to have to have at least a second treatment, maybe even a touch up.
I knew that I wasn’t going to just need one treatment. I knew that going in there So, it was extremely grateful to be able to try this procedure to see if it would work and so, once I got done with the procedure, I, I, still didn’t feel any pain, just very I felt like my arms were pretty swollen. I was able to get myself ready to leave. I was given ice packs, So, I just continuously iced my arms. I wanted to follow all the instructions, exact because I wanted to be sure that this was going to work for me. I had invested my time everything into this procedure to ensure that it was going to work for me. I wanted this to be the most permanent. I didn’t want to have to keep dealing with this, 17 years is a really long time to have to deal with all of this and when I got home, I noticed, you know, I still had the swelling, which is expected you know, it can go on for several weeks. I continuously iced my arms. I noticed some bruising that was happening, which I was already warned about and I felt for the procedure that just having the bruising and the swelling, knowing that it was going to be going down, I was noticing improvement within the next couple of days as the swelling was going down. I would still have wetness under the arms but it was still healing, and it does take time to heal. It could take several weeks to heal and actually be able to see the full effect. So, I ended up doing a second treatment, which I’m glad I did because I knew that I was going to need a second treatment and everything was exactly the same process and making sure that I did all the icing and I followed all the instructions and now I can say since I’ve completed the second session, in that the underarm sweating has really diminished. I would say that I’m closer to a 75 80 percent. So, coming from someone who from the morning, I from the moment I would wake up in the morning to go into bed, I always had the underarm sweating. It never went away. There’s no on and off switch. There was nothing I could do. Even changing the environment being either in a warm environment, cold environment, calming environment, stressful. This was something that would never go away. I couldn’t, I couldn’t adjust but I’ve dealt with it for So, long and I know that the Miradry is working because I have proof of it. I have my pictures. I know how severe this was and I’m really grateful to be able to come here to the thrive clinic to be able to do this near dry and I would recommend it to any of my friends and family. Anybody who has this excessive sweating that is too embarrassed to come forward. Give it a try because I know that it’ll help change your life.

How miraDry Sweat and odor glands Treatments Works

How miraDry Sweat and odor glands Treatments Works
Permanently reduce underarm sweating and odor with miraDry, the simple and easy non-surgical method. As Dr. Maddox explains in this video, just one treatment session can reduce underarm sweating by as much as 80 percent. Permanent hair reduction is a bonus.

Hi I’m doctor Adam Maddox, medical director at Thrive aesthetic and anti-aging centre. We’re going to talk about Miradry today, which is the newest technology to permanently reduce and stop underarm sweat? I first found out about Miradry from just one of my regular appointments with doctor Maddox at thrive. Miradry works by specifically non surgically targeting the sweat glands not affecting the skin or the muscle or any other structures in the area using high intensity and thermal heat. Constantly running around and super active and just the thought of not having to worry about hitting out or marks or anything like that was really exciting. Miradry treatment takes about an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the size of the underarm. The expected results in as little as one treatment can be as much as 80% or more permanent reduction in sweating. The one single thing that made me want to try this was definitely no sweat, odour and diminishing hair. Most of my patients consider positive benefit as they may experience some permanent hair reduction in addition to the permanent sweat reductions. Our patients are actually really loving this treatment. They sign up for two treatments, once they’ve already received their first treatment, they come back for their second and they’re extremely happy. One of the benefits of the mirror dry is that once you have the procedure done, you should not need to use antiperspirants or deodorants which have been found to have harmful chemicals in it. A question that comes up with patients frequently is they ask me if I stop sweating my underarm area well, where’s this sweat going to go? Well, there’s millions of sweat glands on our entire body, and only 2% of them are actually in our underarm area. So, the sweat is going to just continue as it normally would. You won’t notice more sweating in one area than another, So, who’s a good candidate for a Miradry? Everyone is a great candidate for Miradry. From the average sweater to people who sweat excessively, the benefits of Miradry are that you’re going to not have to use deodorants anymore, So, if you’re just someone who doesn’t want to use deodorant because you’re concerned about the chemicals and toxins that are in deodorants to somebody who is just wanting to stop the excessive sweating. Everyone is really a great candidate for it. This was much easier than I expected. It’s a very comfortable and easy process in general. I didn’t feel a thing I could have honestly taken a nap. The healing timeframe after the Miradry treatment can be usually a few days to a couple of weeks of some minor swelling. A little bit of redness, some soreness, but there’s very little to no downtime, overall, most people can return to most daily activities after the procedure. If you’re interested in the Miradry treatment, or if you have any questions or concerns about the procedure, feel free to call our office.

What to expect

  • SAFETY – miraDry is cleared by the FDA, and the Thrive team has extensive training and experience in the procedure.
  • COMFORT – The underarm area is thoroughly numbed to ensure your wellbeing during and after treatment. Plus, the device has an automatic cooling feature to regulate skin temperature.
  • CONVENIENCE – This outpatient procedure generally takes less than two hours.
  • NO DOWNTIME – You may return to work or routine activities.
  • MINIMAL RISK OF SIDE EFFECTS – Some patients experience redness, swelling, tenderness, or tingling, but it resolves naturally.
  • UNEXPECTED BENEFIT – Underarm hair growth is significantly reduced.
  • IMMEDIATE RESULTS – Noticeable dryness occurs right away, and you may never need to use antiperspirant or deodorant again.
  • USUALLY ONCE AND DONE – Often only one treatment is necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

miraDry is a US FDA-approved treatment that is used to treat excessive underarm sweating. It works by using proprietary electromagnetic energy called miraWave to permanently eliminate the sweat and odor-producing glands in the underarm area. The handheld miraDry device targets your sweat patterns for optimal effectiveness, and your body naturally eliminates them through waste breakdown processes once the glands have been destroyed.

Patients who suffer from hyperhidrosis in the underarm area are great candidates for miraDry. In particular, if you have to change your clothes multiple times a day due to excessive sweating and have unsuccessfully tried other treatments, then miraDry may be just the right solution for you.

miraDry is non-invasive, which means that there are no surgical incisions needed. Typically, lidocaine anesthetic is injected into your underarms prior to the miraDry treatment to numb the area for your comfort. Some patients experience a heating sensation during treatment.

Once the sweat glands have been eliminated, they never come back. That means that most patients can achieve very long-lasting, and even possibly permanent, results. While your other sweat glands may produce a slightly larger amount of sweat to make up for the lost glands, it will not be the same amount of sweat that you produced previously.

Yes! The miraDry treatment also partially reduces your armpit hair – typically by about 70 percent. This occurs because the heating from the device also targets the hair glands, which results in a reduction in underarm hair. miraDry is safe for your skin and does not damage your skin or other surrounding tissues during this process.

Partially. When your underarm hair grows back, it will be less dense and finer than it was prior to miraDry treatment.

Yes! When miraDry is used, it eliminates both the sweat (eccrine) and the odor (apocrine) glands, which results in both a reduction in the volume and the smell of your sweat.

There are several options you can try to reduce your underarm sweat and odor.

  • Prescription-strength anti-perspirants can provide better results than over-the-counter products
  • Botox injections can be used to block the nerves in the underarms that are contributing to sweating
  • Certain oral medications can also be used to block these nerves
  • Antidepressant medications are sometimes prescribed to decrease sweating and sweat-producing anxiety

Home remedies can also be effective in helping you deal with odor and extra sweat. These include daily bathing and frequently changing your clothes, as well as wearing natural clothing materials that are less likely to react with your sweat and allow your skin to breathe. Mindfulness meditation and other relaxation techniques can help calm anxiety and reduce stress that can contribute to excessive sweating.

The cost of your miraDry treatment will depend on your individual body. Since underarm sweat glands are hard to detect visually, many patients need to undergo more than one treatment to receive optimal results.

You may experience some pain and swelling in the treatment area after your miraDry procedure, but this is usually manageable with home care and resolves within about a week. You can ice your underarms frequently to reduce swelling and use over-the-counter pain medications as needed. It is best to avoid strenuous exercise for a few days after your treatment.

You can start using deodorant or anti-perspirant two to three days after your treatment, but we recommend that you avoid shaving until any tenderness from the procedure subsides.