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Oregon area doctor offers effective tattoo removal

Effective tattoo removal from Doctor in Portland

Men and women in the Oregon area who have been unhappy with the “ink” on their skin may feel as though they have no recourse. There are many reasons patients may be unhappy with the tattoos on their body. Some reasons include:

  • A poorly done tattoo, either with low quality inks or poor artwork
  • The tattoo has a negative connotation that the patient no longer likes
  • The tattoo is a painful reminder of something or someone in the past
  • Poor location, easily visible and may keep patients from getting into specific career fields
  • No more interest in the item depicted in the tattoo

Dr. Adam Maddox is an aesthetic medicine specialist in the Portland, Oregon area who understands that tastes change; patients may no longer want a tattoo on their body, so he provides effective tattoo removal.
Dr. Adam Maddox and the team at Thrive are proud to offer tattoo removal with laser therapies. Laser light has been used for many years to help in addressing skin concerns and imperfections as well as removing unwanted tattoos. Laser tattoo removal allows patients to remove an unwanted tattoo from their body safely in an affordable manner while maintaining the health and wellness of their skin.
Laser light is administered through a special device to the tattoo. The laser light breaks down the inks in the design, which allows them to be absorbed through the body naturally. Patients need to realize that laser tattoo removal does require several appointments; the tattoo cannot be fully removed in just one visit. Additionally, larger, darker, and higher-quality tattoos may take more time to remove than tattoos that use low-quality inks, are smaller, or have faded.
If you live in or around the Portland, Oregon area and are interested in learning about the ways in which lasers can remove unwanted tattoos from the body, contact the team at Thrive. Dr. Adam Maddox and his professional staff are here to help you understand the advantages of treatment and find a way to address these imperfections in a safe, effective, and affordable way.

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