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Tightening post pregnancy skin in Portland

Post Pregnancy Skin Tightening from Portland doctor

Patients in the Portland area who visit with their physician to ask about post-pregnancy skin tightening may be advised to consider solutions such as Exilis. Exilis is a wonderful alternative to conventional surgeries such as liposuction or tummy tucks, which carry many risks, are often very expensive, and require patients to endure a lot of downtime to recover from them. Instead, Exilis is a non-invasive alternative that is FDA-approved to help with tightening and toning specific areas of the body.

Post-pregnancy skin is often very relaxed due to the stretching throughout the nine months of pregnancy. Skin is not used to being stretched that much in a short amount of time, and therefore some patients may even begin to notice stretch marks a few months into their pregnancy. This may be able to be reduced with other treatments, though Exilis focuses on tightening the skin.

This method of tightening is completed by stimulating collagen production by administering a warming sensation through the Exilis device. This hand-held device is specifically controlled. It does not burn the skin, but instead stimulates the deeper layers to improve skin laxity.

Most patients will benefit from more than one treatment and they are encouraged to book appointments with Dr. Adam Maddox a few weeks apart. One to four treatments are often suggested depending on how the skin responds the first initial few sessions.

Patients are also concerned about whether the procedure is safe and effective. It has been proven to work and is approved by the FDA for aesthetic and dermatological benefits. It has specific indications for rhytids and wrinkles, making it a wonderful anti-aging solution for the face as well. Patients love that there is little to no recovery time and they are able to see gradual results over the course of many weeks. Collagen production helps in tightening these areas and reducing skin laxity, improving confidence in women who have been dealing with post-pregnancy issues.

Are you interested in learning more about Exilis? Contact Dr. Adam Maddox of Thrive and book a consultation appointment today.

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