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Exilis in our office near Beaverton makes the cost of skin tightening easier on your budget

Cost effective Skin Tightening from doctor in in Beaverton

For years, there has been a common idea which says that fine lines and wrinkles are what age the face. While there is a certain amount of validity to that statement, there is also the issue of volume loss to consider. As changes occur with age, there is a much lower amount of vital nutrients making their way to the tissues beneath the skin. Collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and other molecules are necessary for the appearance of youth and yet we lose them with every passing year.

If you have noticed unwanted change in the contours of cheeks and your jawline, you may be interested in Exilis skin tightening treatment. This non-invasive treatment is available at a cost much lower than plastic surgery. To learn more about Exilis, visit Thrive near Beaverton, OR.

Exilis received FDA-approval several years ago and continues to be used around the world today. It’s success at tightening the skin and improving contours has been well-documented. The device is based on radiofrequency energy and its effects on dermal tissue. In less than an hour, the comfortable treatment heats tissues in the precise manner necessary to lay down new collagen. Working with the body’s natural tendencies, radiofrequency elicits gradual change. Although your skin will appear tighter after your very first treatment, the proliferation of collagen over time will continue to work beneath the skin. Many patients notice optimal results four to six months after their final treatment.

The Thrive team has been thoroughly trained on the various technologies used to improve the appearance of the skin. Exilis fits into our practice because it works in concert with the body. Its gentle approach cools the surface of skin while simultaneously heating deeper tissues for optimal tightening. In addition to this goal, Exilis is also an excellent option for treating areas of unwanted fat. In many cases, we see dual improvement: skin tightening and size reduction in the treatment area.

With Exilis, you not only bypass the risks of surgery but also enjoy the natural rejuvenation of structure that lends to your most natural appearance.

We are happy to help you find the anti-aging solution that will address your concerns. Contact Thrive today for your consultation.

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