Vaginal tightening treatment benefits Portland, OR women at many life stages

Vaginal Tightening Treatment in Portland OR area

It is not possible to stop time from changing the human body. However, an innovative advancement in radiofrequency technology is helping women feel like themselves again following childbirth, as they age, after menopause, or post-surgery. ULTRA Femme 360 vaginal tightening treatment is available from Dr. Adam Maddox at Thrive Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Center in Portland, OR.

How the feminine body changes

The vagina is an internal cylinder extending from a woman’s uterus to the exterior of her body, creating the birth canal for a baby’s delivery. The vagina is comprised of muscles, fibrous connective tissues, and nerves. In a youthful, healthy vagina, the introitus (vaginal opening) and perineum (area between the vagina and anus) work together with the smooth muscles and moist, mucosal lining of the vagina. This teamwork allows the vagina to change in size to accommodate sexual intercourse and childbirth. The exterior opening of the vagina is framed by two sets of skin folds called labia minora and labia majora. These vulvar tissues protect the sensitive clitoris.

Many women, even rather young ones, experience changes in their vagina or pelvic floor after being pregnant and having a baby. Hormonal fluctuations allow the vagina and pelvic floor muscles to stretch significantly (up to about three times their normal elasticity) for delivery. While these muscular tissues may “bounce back” after the first baby, there is usually residual laxity with each birthing. This can impact sexual fulfillment for both the woman and her male partner.

As women age, the body produces less collagen and elastin. These fibrous proteins keep feminine tissues thick and resilient. Depleted stores of collagen and elastin contribute to vaginal laxity, and leave tissues delicate and prone to discomfort or tearing. Blood flow, which stimulates natural lubrication, also decreases. This adds to the problem of dryness. A drop in estrogen levels after menopause has a big impact on all of these functions as well.

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Pelvic floor muscles help to support and control the bladder as well as the vagina. Stretching and weakening of these muscles can lead to urinary incontinence at any age. Leakage from a sudden sneeze, cough, laugh, or physical exertion is thought of as a common side effect of motherhood and aging.

Over time, a woman’s intimate area changes in appearance, too. Since labia are folds of skin, they also need collagen and elastin to remain tight and firm. Labia tend to enlarge and droop with age. Clothing may rub uncomfortably, or excess skin could show through yoga pants or swimwear.

Effect of radiofrequency energy on female genitalia

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Radio waves are a form of electromagnetic energy, or electric and magnetic waves moving through space. You might be wondering what this scientific explanation has to do with vaginal laxity, but the answer is – plenty! The BTL ULTRA Femme 360 dispenses radiofrequency energy in a specific frequency and wavelength which creates a thermal response in vaginal and vulvar tissues. The body reacts to this stimulation with natural healing processes, creating a renewed network of collagen in the deep tissue layers.

This nonsurgical treatment is appropriate for internal vaginal tightening, as well as labial reduction and remodeling. There are no needles or sutures, no need for anesthetic, and essentially no downtime after treatment. Simply relax while a special sterile applicator sends radiofrequency energy to the entire circumference of the vagina. Treatment takes only a few minutes, and most women describe the sensation as intense, pleasant warmth with no pain. The clinician uses a different handpiece to treat the inner and outer labia. Internal and external areas can be treated at one appointment.

You may feel and see improvement after a single session. While your treatment plan is personalized, most women experience optimal results with a series of three or four ULTRA Femme 360 applications, spaced about a week apart. Then, improvement can be maintained with just an annual maintenance session.

How vaginal tightening treatment benefits Portland, OR women

  • Collagen remodeling continues for about a month after radiofrequency treatment
  • The vaginal canal and opening tighten as vaginal walls get thicker
  • Enhanced blood flow stimulates vaginal lubrication and rejuvenates the clitoris
  • Treatment plumps the labia major
  • The labia minora lift and tighten
  • The perineum tightens
  • Constriction of pelvic floor muscles can be beneficial to women with urinary stress incontinence

ULTRA Femme 360 helps you regain control of changes to your most intimate area for increased confidence and satisfaction. Call (503) 928-6505 to schedule a discreet vaginal tightening treatment consultation at Thrive’s Portland, OR office.


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Front office team was lovely; responsive and helpful from start to finish. Dr. Maddox was the cherry on top, my woes were treated promptly with meticulous care. Results were awesome and noticeable within 5-7 days (post treatment). Confidence boost - YES! Looking forward to my next visit.

Dr. Adam Maddox - Medical Director

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A graduate from Northern Arizona University and the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Adam Maddox is a very established professional in the field of integrative anti-aging and aesthetic medicine with a special interest in Botox, Restylane and Testosterone Replacement therapy for men to name a few.

As a board-certified physician, he has a passion to help people with their health especially as they get older. Dr. Maddox believes in maintaining a strong sense of empathy in order to better serve his patients whilst ensuring his care is personalized. In addition to practicing medicine, Dr. Maddox uses his time to train other medical professionals on various effective medical techniques used in the anti-ageing medical sphere such as injectable techniques. He is also the founder and medical director of Thrive Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Center in Portland, OR.

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Well, the beauty of this technology is that everyone is a good candidate. Any skin colour, any hair colour? I’ve actually had the procedure performed on myself, didn’t get any hyperpigmentation from it.

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So, 80% of people really only need one treatment. You’re going to get an 82% reduction in the sweat and odour glands and a 70% reduction in the hair growth. Which, if you’ve ever had laser hair, you know you need multiple treatments in order to get anywhere close to 70%.

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