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No pain, no downtime, no surgery – this is the future of body contouring treatment.

Thrive Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Center
5 My first treatment for Vanquish was easy and comfortable. We started right on time and I was able to get to my next appointment on time, always important to me. The staff were all friendly and helpful.


Vanquish FLEX Applicator

For patients who want to address fat and contour their legs and thighs, Dr. Adam Maddox may suggest the Vanquish FLEX Applicator. Vanquish uses radio frequency energy to heat fat cells to 45 degrees Celsius—a temperature that is proven to produce results by permanently eliminating fat cells without harming the skin. Consecutive treatments with the Vanquish FLEX Applicator have shown to provide a reduction of half an inch to two inches in the thighs.

The Vanquish FLEX Applicator is perfect for patients who want to address unwanted fat deposits around the legs and thighs without going through more invasive procedures such as plastic surgery. This method can provide noticeable results without patients ever having to go “under the knife” and deal with the side effects and risks of surgery, including infection and recovery time.

Dr. Adam Maddox and his team are proud to introduce the Vanquish FLEX Applicator to patients in the practice who are hoping to achieve a more attractive appearance by removing areas of unwanted fat that have not responded to changes in diet and exercise. This targeted treatment provides results without surgery, making it a highly desirable solution to body contouring. Patients who are interested in targeting areas of the body such as the stomach may be better suited for the traditional Vanquish treatment.


Thrive introduces exclusive new technology proven to permanently eliminate abdominal fat.

New Vanquish technology is an easy, pain-free approach to removing those last stubborn inches of fat from the abdomen and flanks. While individual results will vary, clinical studies show patients lost an average of 2 inches of fat, as early as two weeks after their fourth Vanquish treatment. Learn more reviewing the Vanquish Patient Q & A.

Vanquish works beneath the skin where deep tissue heating induces apoptosis (natural death of fat cells), without harm to skin, internal organs, or muscles. It achieves optimal results with unsurpassed patient safety, treatment ease, and clinical effectiveness.

Unlike liposuction or “fat freezing” treatments, Vanquish is totally contact-free. You feel only a gentle warming sensation as the Vanquish panel hovers over your skin. Vanquish works beneath the surface, utilizing high frequency waves that target fat cells without harming skin, muscles or internal organs. The fat cells are heated to a temperature that permanently destroys them, after which they’re processed by the body and eliminated naturally.

Vanquish is the only body sculpting therapy with all these advantages:

  • Largest treatment area of any fat reduction device
  • Comfortable, non-invasive and pain free
  • No anesthesia, injections, cutting, sutures, or scars
  • Zero downtime
  • Outstanding safety and FDA approved
  • Administered only by trained, certified clinicians

Available exclusively at Thrive Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Center

Thrive is the first (and only) practice in the Northwest to offer Vanquish technology, as part of our commitment to provide the latest, most effective facial and body rejuvenation techniques. We invite you to contact us for more information about Vanquish. And see how easy it is to feel good about your body again.


Vanquish Patient Q & A

Q: What is Vanquish?
A: Vanquish is a revolutionary body sculpting technology specially designed to “conquer your core” with precise thermal energy that selectively targets fat cells in the deep tissue layer of the abdomen and flanks. It’s pain-free, with no surgery and no downtime. Most importantly, our patients report high satisfaction with the treatment.

Q: How does it work?
A: Vanquish is a radio-frequency (RF) device that emits an electromagnetic field over a large treatment area. The specially engineered panel hovers over the abdominal area, allowing for the safe delivery of RF energy to target fat cells, without affecting muscles, skin or organs. You feel only a gentle warming sensation.

Q: Is it safe?
A: Yes. Vanquish has been tested in clinical studies and proven to be safe and effective. It has been cleared by the FDA in the U.S. for deep tissue heating for use in dermatologic and aesthetic procedures. There have been no significant side effects reported with Vanquish treatment.

Q: Does it hurt?
A: No. There is virtually no pain or discomfort with Vanquish treatments. Some patients may feel sharp prickly heat when the skin is in direct proximity to the applicator, but most report only a gentle warming sensation. The entire treatment process is monitored by Dr. Maddox or a certified Thrive clinician.

Q: Who is a candidate for Vanquish?
A: Vanquish is recommended for patients over the age of 21 who want to reduce abdominal fat without the cost and recovery of surgery. Vanquish works most effectively for patients within 20 pounds of their ideal weight, and who have a last few inches at the midsection that have not responded to diet or exercise.

Q: What results can I expect and how long will they last?
A: On average, patients report losing two inches from the midsection after a full series of treatments; some of our Thrive patients have lost four to six inches with Vanquish. Results last up to six months or longer, when you maintain a healthy lifestyle of a smart diet and exercise regimen.

Q: How many treatment sessions will I need?
A: The recommended number of treatment sessions is four to six, depending on your desired result. Each session lasts about 30 minutes and can be scheduled once a week.

Q: What about recovery?
A: Some pinkness on the treated area may last for one to two hours. It’s important for patients to increase water intake to speed the metabolic process of breaking down fat and filtering the body of excess fluid and toxins. Patients should be well hydrated before, during, and for two days after treatment.

Q: Why should I choose Vanquish?
A: Vanquish offers several impressive features and benefits, including:

  • Non-invasive and non-surgical body contouring solution
  • The largest treatment area available in the industry
  • Contact-free: device applicator does not touch patient skin
  • Comfortable and pain-free; no anesthesia, pain medication or downtime required for treatment
  • Short, focused 30-minute sessions generally scheduled one week apart over four to six weeks
  • Outstanding safety with only mild to moderate redness and/or swelling in the treatment area, which typically resolves in one to two hours
  • FDA cleared for deep tissue heating
  • Affordable and accessible to adult patients
  • No costly consumables passed along to patients


Which treatment is better for fat loss, Vanquish or CoolSculpting?
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