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As specialists in advanced medical laser skin treatments for a variety of cosmetic skin conditions, Thrive Aesthetic has solutions for unwanted veins on the face and body.

Unsightly veins on the face, body, and legs are some of the leading reasons people seek our laser treatments. As we age, blood vessels become tired and worn out. In the absence of an unimpeded blood flow, a pooling effect may develop, causing the vessels to bulge and raise closer to the surface of the skin. Laser and light treatments offer a safe and effective removal process of these damaged blood vessels with little to no down time. With more than 10 years of experience in cosmetic and anti-aging medicine, Thrive of Portland, Oregon’s team of physicians has developed holistic treatment plans to improve results, safely.

Thrive Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Center treats the following skin/vein conditions:

  • Facial redness
  • Spider veins
  • Rosacea
  • Facial telangiectasias
  • Diffuse redness
  • Acne
  • Sun damaged skin

Causes of spider and varicose veins

Some of the leading causes of spider and varicose veins include obesity, hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, heredity, use of oral contraceptives, and occupations that require long hours of standing.

Facial Telangiectasias

Measuring between .5-1mm in diameter, these tired worn out (broken) capillaries contribute to facial redness. Commonly found in areas under the eyes, near or on the cheeks, and on or around the nose, facial telangiectasias may take on a road map pattern or they can be found sporadically throughout the skin. Telangiectasias respond best to a combination of laser treatments and results can be seen in as little as 1-2 treatments. Results vary from person to person, and multiple treatments may be necessary depending on the extent of the condition, and goals of the individual.


Spider Veins

Although small, spider veins can greatly affect the appearance of the skin. This is due to the fact that these tiny veins tend to appear in clusters, forming purple, blue, red, or multi-colored blotches on the skin. Spider veins are those that are not properly moving blood, and thus become enlarged. These veins, which may be triggered or worsened by extensive standing or sitting, injury, hormonal fluctuations associated with pregnancy, estrogen drugs, or menopause, heredity, and a sedentary lifestyle, are not considered a health risk. However, many people do choose to undergo treatment to remove spider veins, as they impact the aesthetic of the skin.

Varicose Veins

Like spider veins, varicose veins are not moving blood properly, and they become enlarged. As the blood travels from the heart and through the arteries, it must journey to all veins throughout the body. Where it flows down, it must be pushed back up, against the forces of gravity. Veins facilitate the movement of blood via one-way valves. When these valves weaken, blood is unable to be adequately returned to the heart, and backs up. Called “venous reflux,” this inadequate blood flow can cause bulging varicose veins.

Steps that may help with varicose veins include simply wearing properly fitting support hose. These can be beneficial especially when leg veins are uncomfortable. Lifestyle, exercise, and nutrition may also offer some benefit at preventing or improving spider and varicose veins.

We have researched and evaluated the leading technology to treat the vein conditions that affect your comfort and confidence. Contact Thrive Aesthetic in Portland, Oregon to free yourself from unsightly veins.

Thrive Aesthetic & Anti Aging Center is committed to helping patients achieve healthy, beautiful skin and restore a more youthful appearance. Our dedicated team is comprised of Dr Adam Maddox, Board Certified in integrative anti-aging and aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Adam Maddox - Medical Director

Dr. Adam Maddox image
A graduate from Northern Arizona University and the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Adam Maddox is a very established professional in the field of integrative anti-aging and aesthetic medicine with a special interest in Botox, Restylane and Testosterone Replacement therapy for men to name a few.

As a board-certified physician, he has a passion to help people with their health especially as they get older. Dr. Maddox believes in maintaining a strong sense of empathy in order to better serve his patients whilst ensuring his care is personalized. In addition to practicing medicine, Dr. Maddox uses his time to train other medical professionals on various effective medical techniques used in the anti-ageing medical sphere such as injectable techniques. He is also the founder and medical director of Thrive Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Center in Portland, OR.

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