Step-by-step guide to Infini radiofrequency treatment in Portland, OR

Infini radiofrequency treatment tightens and refines skin, with minimal downtime.

Infini radiofrequency treatment is a versatile solution for women and men who want refined, younger-looking skin without the downtime of surgical or aggressive laser procedures. The Thrive team in Portland, OR is experienced in performing this minimally-invasive treatment, achieving excellent results. Do you have questions about this innovative technique? Keep reading for answers. What is Infini? Collagen is a fibrous protein found in many bodily tissues. Its purpose in skin is two-fold. First, it forms an underlying scaffold that keeps skin taut, elastic, and smooth. Second, it is essential to wound healing. Unfortunately, as we age our bodies produce less … Continue reading

How does Ultherapy work?

Ultherapy can be ideal for the individual who does not want the risk or recovery time associated with cosmetic surgery, or who wishes to postpone that need. In addition, this treatment can extend the results of surgical procedures. So, how does Ultherapy work? Keep reading to learn more. Understanding Ultherapy Ultherapy is nonsurgical and noninvasive. It uses the same safe ultrasound technology that has been utilized for decades in medicine, to stimulate the body’s natural regenerative processes. In this application, ultrasound energy creates a thermal response in targeted tissue layers beneath the skin, triggering collagen remodeling. As collagen builds, it gradually tightens … Continue reading

Is the Ultherapy procedure your best choice for wrinkles?

Is the Ultherapy procedure your best choice for wrinkles?

Ultherapy was cleared by the FDA in 2009 to lift and tighten skin on the brow, chin, neck, and chest. This procedure uses ultrasound energy to boost internal production of collagen. While treatment provides some wrinkle reduction benefits, the field of non-surgical skin rejuvenation continues to evolve. Today, radiofrequency microneedling is a more effective choice for most patients who want to improve the appearance of wrinkles. RF microneedling basics This technique takes skin rejuvenation to the next level by combining the benefits of radiofrequency technology and microneedling. The handpiece of the device is tipped with very fine (200 micron) needles, which can be … Continue reading

Do you want to know what is so special about Infini treatment in Portland?

Do you want to know what is so special about Infini treatment in Portland Area?

If you are like most people, you are concerned about the effects time, stress, and the sun have on your skin. Many adults would like to do something to rejuvenate their facial appearance, but are too busy and too overwhelmed by the idea of plastic surgery to move forward. At Thrive, our focus is on helping each individual age as beautifully as possible. Our methods of treatment, such as minimally invasive Infini radiofrequency (RF), have been proven in every area, including safety and efficacy. The way that the skin changes with time is different for everyone. You may struggle with … Continue reading

Going beyond laser acne scar removal, Infini is loved by our Portland area patients

Going beyond laser acne scar removal, Infini is loved by our Portland area patients

We are pleased to offer patients options for skin renewal that meet their varying needs. With the Infini device, we go beyond laser acne scar removal. Using this device in our Portland office, we address scarring and a host of other concerns quickly and efficiently. What makes Infini special Infini has been designed around the principle that new collagen is created when dermal tissues are heated in the range of 65 degrees Celsius. There are significant characteristics of Infini that make it an attractive treatment option for many of our patients. To create the internal response necessary to promote smoother, … Continue reading

High intensity focused radiofrequency is an excellent choice for acne scar removal in Portland

High intensity focused radiofrequency is an excellent choice for acne scar removal in Portland Area

Acne is a prevalent problem that can leave you feeling self-conscious for years. In addition to finding an immediate solution designed to soothe irritation, in many instances, the follow-up to acne treatment involves minimizing the appearance of scarring. Why do some people get scars from acne? Some individuals are predisposed to acne scarring due to genetics. If you have a family member with visible acne scars, you want to be mindful of the way you treat your skin. The type of acne you have is also a factor in scarring. Inflammatory acne develops nodules and cysts farther beneath the surface, … Continue reading

Skin tightening with Infini RF treatments in Beaverton

Skin tightening with Infini RF treatments in Beaverton Area

When the development of fine lines and wrinkles on the face occur, it is often due to increased skin laxity. As we age, our body’s stores of collagen and elastin begins to diminish. Depletion of collagen and elastin can result in the loosening of the skin, which causes the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, and folds on the face. This makes many patients self-conscious as they begin to look older than they feel especially if sun damage has sped up the aging process. Naturopathic aesthetic medicine specialist Dr. Adam Maddox may suggest anti-aging treatments such as Infini RF. Infini RF … Continue reading

Portland area doctor reviews the benefits of Infini skin tightening treatments

In Portland area doctor reviews the benefits of Infini skin tightening treatments

Turning back the hands of time in a non-surgical manner is much easier than many Portland area residents realize. Thanks to continued improvements in medical solutions available to patients today, men and women can now enjoy what may be referred to as a “non-surgical face lift” to achieve a more attractive appearance with fewer fine lines and wrinkles. Many patients can use treatments to tighten the skin and reduce skin laxity, which contributes to the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Adam Maddox at Thrive Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Center in the Portland area offers the Infini skin tightening treatment, … Continue reading

Vancouver area patients can benefit from treatment for acne scarring

Vancouver area patients can benefit from treatment for acne scarring

Men and women who have dealt with moderate to severe acne in the past may feel as though they are over the worst part. However, for some, scars from previous blemishes may remain for many years. Acne scarring is a common problem after patients have overcome their active acne. Acne scars are known for being unsightly and many men and women feel self-conscious about their appearance of their face. Acne scars can be mild to severe, and can range from rolling dimpling to deep ice pick scarring. With today’s technology, patients in the Vancouver area can visit the team at … Continue reading



Say goodbye to armpit hair and underarm sweating. Mirror Smooth (miraDry??) will save your day.


You shave it. You wax it, you laser it. Heck, you might even dye it pink. Talking about armpit hair. Now some people are saying you can microwave it away once and for all. We’re revealing a new treatment right now and our procedure room. Take it away, Doctor Ashton.

Hi guys So, I’m back here with doctor sheila Nazarian, board certified plastic surgeon and our patient Aaron. You’re going to be demonstrating this new microwave procedure to hit axillary hair, but before we get to that, tell, tell me why this hair bothered you, Aaron? Because I mean, you’re blonde, you wouldn’t mind.

I’m a personal trainer. I spend 95% of my day in a tank top in the gym or in a bikini and shaving every day is such a pain. No one likes to do it. I tried laser hair removal. It doesn’t work. If you have blonde hair and darker skin. So, I heard about mirror smooth So, thought I’d give it a try.

And you said it’s your game, okay, So, doctor Nazarian,


Go ahead and lie back Aaron. So, as you start working tell us a little bit about this technology. Who’s a good candidate for it and how? Does it work?

Well, the beauty of this technology is that everyone is a good candidate. Any skin colour, any hair colour? I’ve actually had the procedure performed on myself, didn’t get any hyperpigmentation from it.

So, you numbed Aaron up before we started, right?

Arron’s been numbed already. We’ve placed a temporary tattoo which basically gives us little tick marks. It’s really paint by numbers at that point and we use the microwave technology of mirror smooth to remove not only 70% of her hair with one treatment, but also the sweat and odour glands are also eliminated. So, it’s basically a little suction and some you know heat is applied, but because she’s numb there’s no pain.

You feel anything?
Fine, just a little pull,


And So, how many treatments typically does it take to really get a good effect?

So, 80% of people really only need one treatment. You’re going to get an 82% reduction in the sweat and odour glands and a 70% reduction in the hair growth. Which, if you’ve ever had laser hair, you know you need multiple treatments in order to get anywhere close to 70%.

So, what’s the cost range for something like this?

This that’s a great question. So, the first treatment is around 2000 dollars, but it’s, but if you think about how many laser hair removal treatments to do. I mean, it really is a great benefit and also laser hair doesn’t remove the sweat and odour glands.

Nice, well, 2000 dollars, meaning that you could throw away all your razors for the rest of your life.


Never have to worry about sweating in your armpits again and being musty.

No more deodorant and think of all the money you spend on deodorant over a lifetime.

That’s true.

And it takes how long to do both pitch?

We usually schedule people for an hour at a time?
An hour!

So, can you imagine an hour and you’re done.
Oh my gosh,


Sign me up, scoot over.

Second string.


The one done idea is very appealing.

Exactly, yeah.

Thanks for sharing that with us and thanks for showing us your armpits,

Thanks for having me

You’re welcome.

Anti-aging Specialist

In Portland OR-Dr. Maddox

Get rid of unwanted fat from your waist and hips with Vanquish.

Anti-aging Specialist In Portland OR-Dr. Maddox

Feeling good and looking good. It’s not just about diet and exercise anymore. Aesthetic and anti-aging medicine makes a safe and effective addition to your routine. At thrive, we offer the very latest in non-invasive beauty technology like vanquish, a painless, non-surgical way to remove unwanted fat cells from your waist and hips. And best of all, treatments take less than an hour, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the new you. Visit for complimentary consultation. Thrive aged beautifully.

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