Dr. Adam Maddox of Portland offers injectable for double chin called Kybella

Patients in the Portland area who are unhappy with the excess fat in the chin area that often results in a double chin may feel as though the only way to address it is with surgical intervention. Luckily, with improvements in dermatology and today’s medical field, there is an alternative way to deal with this submental fullness. It can be treated with injections known as Kybella.

Kybella is a product that is FDA-approved for the use of reducing the fat around the neck area. It is formulated with an ingredient known as deoxycholic acid which breaks down fat where it is injected. It can be used in cases of mild to severe submental fullness without requiring surgery.

Dr. Adam Maddox of Thrive in Portland is excited to provide patients with Kybella injections. This substance is strategically injected into the neck area and can provide gradual improvement. It can be done in a series of treatments at Thrive and will offer slow but noticeable changes.

If you reside in the Portland community or surrounding area and want to seek the benefits of an injectable versus surgical treatment for submental fullness, now is a great time to book a consultation appointment with Dr. Adam Maddox. He can discuss the advantages of using Kybella in this common trouble spot for an enhanced appearance and better confidence! This is just one of many cosmetic injectables available in our state-of-the-art practice used for better body contouring and anti-aging.

Before and After Results