At Thrive, near Beaverton, we provide both cosmetic and medical skin services that improve the health and appearance of the skin. Our focused method is multi-faceted, as we help our patients improve skincare, nutrition, and supplements to minimize the visible signs of aging.

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Now you may be wondering, “How do I determine my skin type?” Skin type can be affected by many different factors including heredity, hormones, and environment. The most common types of skin are normal, oily, dry, sensitive, and a combination of those four.

Normal Skin

Normal skin has a smooth, even texture and tone with minimal lines. It is more common in children than adults. Patients with normal skin have blemish-free complexions.

Oily Skin

The sebaceous glands produce oil and force it out through hair pores and is the cause of acne. Because the sebaceous glands are controlled by hormones, people who are in puberty, pregnant, or premenstrual have a greater chance of having acne breakouts. Oily skin is generally characterized as coarse and shiny, often with blackheads or whiteheads.

Dry Skin

Dry skin often appears dull, rough, inflamed, or cracking due to the lack of moisture. Dry skin can be hereditary but can also be caused by environmental factors such as the soap we use, laundry detergent, air pollution, or contact with other chemicals. People with dry skin have an excess of water loss in the skin due to a defect in the skin’s barrier.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a phrase that is commonly used, but not always with a clear definition. When you think of sensitive skin, most people think about skin that is prone to reactions to certain irritants (often the same ones that cause dry skin). Sensitive skin is usually defined by redness or flaking, swelling, lines, or fine textures.


Many people have combinations of skin types. Most often this will mean certain areas of the skin are normal, or dry, while others can be oily. Treating combination skin can be difficult because often multiple products will need to be used to hydrate dry spots or to dry out oily spots.

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Once we determine skin type, we offer many different services, here are just a few of them.

Acne Treatment

Men and women of all ages can be affected by acne. The condition can be troubling for the appearance as well as self-esteem. We can formulate an individualized acne treatment plan to help eliminate outbreaks and minimize the potential for scarring.

Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea is most common in patients with fair skin, although it can appear on any patient at any time. The redness, cysts, and papules can often be mistaken for acne. Our team has years of experience identifying Rosacea triggers and helping patients minimize flare-ups.

Brown Spots and Melasma Treatment

Melasma is a pigmentation condition that causes brown spots on the skin, most frequently due to sun damage or hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy. We offer several different options for treatment of brown spots, including laser therapy and chemical peels. We will work with you to determine which treatment is best based on skin tone and type.

PRP Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma is a product that is derived from the patient’s body, which makes it unique from other treatments. It has been used for years in various medicinal settings to help promote healing and tissue recovery. As its use was monitored over the years, extensive documentation noticed that platelet-rich plasma (or PRP) is extremely successful in stimulating collagen growth. Thus, the treatment has evolved into one of the latest and greatest additions to aesthetic medicine.

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