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Understanding what causes excessive sweating

Two hundred and twenty million people experience excessive sweating that cannot be controlled with toiletries. Dr. Adam Maddox offers a one time, permanent, toxin-free solution. The first step in determining if it is right for you is finding out what causes your excessive sweating.

Why we perspire

Body temperature elevates from a warm environment, physical activity, or emotional stress. We produce sweat for cooling through evaporation. Bacteria that live on the skin flourish in this moisture, creating odor.

About three percent of the population sweats to excess, often without prompting. Medical experts are not sure why this occurs, but it appears to be genetically linked to a slight malfunction of the nervous system. Hyperhidrosis is not a health threat, but it has tremendous impact on quality of life, influencing career, dating, and self-esteem.

Excessive sweating can be related to heart or lung disease, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, obesity, infection, other medical conditions, or medications. Once these possibilities are ruled out, you are likely a candidate for treatment at Thrive.

“Miracle” cure

Thrive’s FDA-cleared system is hailed as nothing short of a miracle by many patients. It works by destroying sweat glands with microwave technology.

Non-invasive treatment follows these basic steps:

  • Your underarm area is numbed with local anesthetic.
  • The device is positioned.
  • You feel a slight tugging sensation as tissue is pulled close to the handpiece with gentle suction.
  • Skin stays comfortable with a built-in cooling mechanism, while targeted sweat glands are heated.
  • The appointment takes about an hour, and there is minimal downtime.

Results are immediate, and since sweat glands do not grow back, you stay dry and odor-free for life. Many patients get full resolution in just one treatment, but additional sessions can be scheduled.

Learn more about what causes excessive sweating, and your treatment options at Thrive – (503) 928-6505


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