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Men and women experience the benefits of Botox with meticulous treatment near Lake Oswego

Benefits Botox from doctor in Lake Oswego

At Thrive in Portland, we enjoy helping men and women of all ages feel better about their appearance. If the signs of aging have begun to affect your general feelings of confidence and satisfaction, a consultation with an experienced Botox provider may be all you need to resolve your concerns. This treatment offers significant benefits to patients who visit us from Lake Oswego and other areas around Portland.

What makes Botox special

Botox Cosmetic has led the way for other anti-aging products and treatments, proving that we can slow the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other age-related dermatologic concerns. This FDA-approved medication is injected beneath the skin to affect the muscles. In the days following treatment, targeted muscles progressively relax as neural messages for contraction are blocked. About a week to ten days after Botox injections, patients notice smoother, younger looking skin that lasts for several months.

What makes your treatment special

Treatment with Botox and dermal fillers may seem standard across the board. However, every person is unique. An experienced provider recognizes the subtle nuances of your skin. At Thrive, we consider the differences between male and female patients.

  • Goals can vary significantly between men and women. Masculine features tend to be more angular along the ridge of the brow as well as the jaw line. While men may want to highlight such features, women may desire softer contouring with greater definition around the lips.
  • Men and women differ quite a bit in skin thickness and subcutaneous fat. The woman’s body is designed with more fat, whereas men tend to have more lean muscle. This relates to facial aging in an increased need for some men to address volume loss with fillers, rather than minimize wrinkles with Botox.

In many cases, fillers are combined with Botox treatment to achieve the desired results. The key to improved contours and an enhanced profile is to receive treatment from a provider with the high level of skill necessary to achieve subtle detailing.

Look and feel younger today! Call Thrive at (503) 928-6505 to schedule your wrinkle-reducing treatment.

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