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Modern and Innovate, Exilis in Portland Makes the Grade

Modern and Innovate, Exilis from doctor in Portland

At the Thrive Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Center in Portland, Exilis is used to breathe youth back into our patients’ skin and shape. Exilis is a device that sends radio frequency energy through your deep tissue to burn fat away, leaving your skin feeling warm and sensational. In most cases, after 4 to 8 sessions, you’ll see long lasting results that will keep its smoothness and firmness for years. We want you to be happy with your skin. If you have droopy or saggy skin on your body, you’ve joined millions of others in America alone. It’s not always easy to understand your skin ages, but one thing you can do is bring youth back to it by melting underlying stubborn fat and firming the skin.

Many people venture on journeys with cosmetic work and still find themselves disappointed with some part of their body. With other devices, you may not have achieved the results you desired, but we would like you to give Exilis a try. Dr. Adam Maddox believes in his work and the products he takes pride in and trusts. Created by BTL Aesthetics in 2009, the company has made waves through the industry and is a top leading manufacturing company today. Innovative and modern technology applied to your skin in a painless procedure can safely eliminate saggy, droopy skin. One thing we think you’ll appreciate is how much better you’ll feel about yourself after a treatment. We encourage you to take charge of your beauty and see if Exilis is right for you.

Portland has an advantage in skin care thanks to Dr. Maddox and his staff who are accommodating and pleasant to work with. Most Exilis procedures take anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes and can be done on your lunch hour. There are minimal chances of redness or swelling, so you can continue with your daily schedule without the frustrating interruptions some other devices can cause. By reducing fat and firming your skin, we know you’ll be happy with the outcome as each day passes. Feel free to call to schedule an appointment for an Exilis treatment. We know you’ll glad you did.

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