Why miraDry is getting rave reviews in Portland, OR as a cost-effective treatment with many benefits

MiraDry is a cost-effective treatment for excess sweating that is getting rave reviews in Portland

Embarrassing odors, uncomfortable wetness, and sweat stains on your favorite clothing – these are the problems that antiperspirant is supposed to solve. In fact, drugstore shelves are lined with dozens of products promising to do just that. If you feel like you’ve tried every one of them to no avail, you are not alone. Excess sweating (hyperhidrosis) is a common medical condition, and it is treatable thanks to an innovative new procedure known as miraDry. With an affordable cost and reliable results, this treatment is getting rave reviews from our Portland, OR patients.

Understanding excess sweat, and how it can be stopped

Although the armpits contain only about two percent of the sweat glands in your body, they are especially problematic for a couple of reasons. First, underarm sweat creates highly visible stains, especially if the glands are overactive. Secondly, sweat glands are not all the same. Most areas of the body have eccrine glands, which excrete odorless liquid. The underarms also have apocrine glands, which are responsible for the embarrassing smell of sweaty armpits.

miraDry is a breakthrough technology, which uses proprietary miraWave energy to target these problematic glands, reducing both smell and perspiration. Because Thrive was the first aesthetic practice in Portland to offer this procedure, our clinicians have extensive experience and knowledge of this technology.

The procedure is noninvasive, and usually completed in less than an hour. We begin by cleaning, preparing, and numbing the treatment area. Next, the clinician will use a small handheld device to apply miraWave energy, which targets odorous sweat glands. Advanced cooling technology prevents damage to surrounding tissues. Patients typically experience a noticeable improvement right away, with full results developing within about two months.

The miraDry procedure is cleared for use on adults over the age of 18. Due to the gentle and noninvasive nature of this procedure, it is safe for nearly anyone who is bothered by excess sweating.

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The rave reviews are supported by scientific evidence

miraDry has been clinically tested and proven effective for lasting sweat reduction

A permanent solution for underarm sweating seems too good to be true. One of the first questions our patients usually ask is if it really works. You will be pleased to learn that miraDry is not an over-hyped fad, but rather a genuine scientific breakthrough that absolutely lives up to its wonderful reputation.

miraDry has been clinically tested and proven effective for lasting sweat reduction. According to a long-term study, which was published in the medical journal Dermatologic Surgery in July of 2014:

  • When patients were tested a full year after treatment, the treated area had an average of 82 percent fewer sweat glands
  • At 24 months post-treatment, 100 percent of patients surveyed were no longer bothered by underarm sweating
  • At 24 months post-treatment, 89 percent of patients surveyed were no longer bothered by underarm odor

Factors that determine the cost of miraDry

The immediate cost of the procedure may vary depending on your unique needs. During your consultation we will discuss the optimal treatment plan for your situation, including scheduling, costs, and payment options. Most patients see an improvement after a single treatment. However, depending on the severity of your hyperhidrosis, you may need more than one session to achieve your desired goals.

In the long-term, miraDry is a quite economical solution, because it does not require any maintenance or touch-up sessions. Even more impressive, you might not need to purchase antiperspirant – ever again!

Unique benefits of miraDry

These are a few of the reasons out patients love miraDry

  • There is essentially no downtime following miraDry treatment. You can resume most of your usual activities immediately.Mirady is a FDA cleared noninvasive procedure for permanent sweat reduction
  • The side effects are generally mild and very temporary, but you might experience swelling and soreness for the first couple of days.
  • Patients generally do not need to take time off work, unless they have labor intensive jobs requiring a lot of arm movements that might be uncomfortable.
  • The area is numbed with lidocaine injections, so you shouldn’t feel a thing during treatment.
  • You should experience an immediate and dramatic reduction in perspiration and odor
  • The first, and to date the only, FDA cleared noninvasive procedure for permanent sweat reduction

The best way to learn about the benefits of this procedure is to experience it for yourself. Call us at (503) 928-6505 and schedule a consultation to find out if miraDry is right for you.


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Their staff provide outstanding service. Dr. Maddox listens to all my concerns and offers solutions that work best for me.

Dr. Adam Maddox - Medical Director

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A graduate from Northern Arizona University and the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Adam Maddox is a very established professional in the field of integrative anti-aging and aesthetic medicine with a special interest in Botox, Restylane and Testosterone Replacement therapy for men to name a few.

As a board-certified physician, he has a passion to help people with their health especially as they get older. Dr. Maddox believes in maintaining a strong sense of empathy in order to better serve his patients whilst ensuring his care is personalized. In addition to practicing medicine, Dr. Maddox uses his time to train other medical professionals on various effective medical techniques used in the anti-ageing medical sphere such as injectable techniques. He is also the founder and medical director of Thrive Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Center in Portland, OR.

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Say goodbye to armpit hair and underarm sweating. Mirror Smooth (miraDry??) will save your day.


You shave it. You wax it, you laser it. Heck, you might even dye it pink. Talking about armpit hair. Now some people are saying you can microwave it away once and for all. We’re revealing a new treatment right now and our procedure room. Take it away, Doctor Ashton.

Hi guys So, I’m back here with doctor sheila Nazarian, board certified plastic surgeon and our patient Aaron. You’re going to be demonstrating this new microwave procedure to hit axillary hair, but before we get to that, tell, tell me why this hair bothered you, Aaron? Because I mean, you’re blonde, you wouldn’t mind.

I’m a personal trainer. I spend 95% of my day in a tank top in the gym or in a bikini and shaving every day is such a pain. No one likes to do it. I tried laser hair removal. It doesn’t work. If you have blonde hair and darker skin. So, I heard about mirror smooth So, thought I’d give it a try.

And you said it’s your game, okay, So, doctor Nazarian,


Go ahead and lie back Aaron. So, as you start working tell us a little bit about this technology. Who’s a good candidate for it and how? Does it work?

Well, the beauty of this technology is that everyone is a good candidate. Any skin colour, any hair colour? I’ve actually had the procedure performed on myself, didn’t get any hyperpigmentation from it.

So, you numbed Aaron up before we started, right?

Arron’s been numbed already. We’ve placed a temporary tattoo which basically gives us little tick marks. It’s really paint by numbers at that point and we use the microwave technology of mirror smooth to remove not only 70% of her hair with one treatment, but also the sweat and odour glands are also eliminated. So, it’s basically a little suction and some you know heat is applied, but because she’s numb there’s no pain.

You feel anything?
Fine, just a little pull,


And So, how many treatments typically does it take to really get a good effect?

So, 80% of people really only need one treatment. You’re going to get an 82% reduction in the sweat and odour glands and a 70% reduction in the hair growth. Which, if you’ve ever had laser hair, you know you need multiple treatments in order to get anywhere close to 70%.

So, what’s the cost range for something like this?

This that’s a great question. So, the first treatment is around 2000 dollars, but it’s, but if you think about how many laser hair removal treatments to do. I mean, it really is a great benefit and also laser hair doesn’t remove the sweat and odour glands.

Nice, well, 2000 dollars, meaning that you could throw away all your razors for the rest of your life.


Never have to worry about sweating in your armpits again and being musty.

No more deodorant and think of all the money you spend on deodorant over a lifetime.

That’s true.

And it takes how long to do both pitch?

We usually schedule people for an hour at a time?
An hour!

So, can you imagine an hour and you’re done.
Oh my gosh,


Sign me up, scoot over.

Second string.


The one done idea is very appealing.

Exactly, yeah.

Thanks for sharing that with us and thanks for showing us your armpits,

Thanks for having me

You’re welcome.

Anti-aging Specialist

In Portland OR-Dr. Maddox

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