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Kybella treatment to melt your double chin offered in Portland, OR

In Portland area Kybella Treatment to Melt Your Double Chin

No one wants a double chin. While many people think it is something that afflicts only people who are carrying extra pounds, this condition affects a large percentage of both men and women due to a variety of factors. At Thrive Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Center, Portland area patients suffering from a double chin can benefit from one of the most exciting new advances in aesthetic treatments—Kybella. This injectable treatment melts away your double chin for a slimmer, more youthful appearance.

What causes double chins?

Men and women of all ages and ethnicities can be affected by double chins. Aside from being overweight, submental fullness can be caused by several factors, such as:

  • Genetics
  • Poor posture that has led to weakened muscles in the chin and neck
  • Aging skin that has become more lax and loose

Double chins can be extremely difficult to eliminate with dietary changes, and targeted exercises for the under-chin area are often ineffective.

How Kybella works

Previously, patients suffering from a double chin, also called “submental fullness,” had to try generic body sculpting technologies that weren’t designed for the under-chin area and had mixed results, or resort to surgical procedures to eliminate the pesky fat beneath their chin. With FDA-approved Kybella, patients simply receive a set of injections that melt the targeted fat cells, which are then flushed away naturally through the body’s elimination pathways.

The key ingredient that makes Kybella so effective is deoxycholic acid. This is a bile acid that is naturally found in the body. In other areas of the body, it breaks down and absorbs the fats that you eat, but when it is used as an injection, it works in a similar way to destroy fat cells in the treatment area.

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What to expect during your treatment

Prior to your injections, we typically use a local anesthetic to enhance your comfort during the procedure. We will mark the areas of your skin where the injections will be placed, and then we inject small amounts of Kybella into these strategic locations for the best results. The number of injections you will need varies by patient, but it is generally around 20 injections. The total treatment time is typically short – about 30 minutes or less – so you can get back to your normal daily activities afterwards.

Patients may experience swelling after the procedure, but it usually goes away within a few days to two weeks. Other side effects such as bruising, and redness may occur; we will discuss all possible risks for the procedure with you before your treatment, so you are well-informed and know what to expect. For about two weeks before your treatment, we recommend that you stop taking any blood-thinning medications such as ibuprofen or aspirin with your doctor’s approval. This can help reduce side effects such as bruising and bleeding at the injection sites.

About a month after your first treatment, you will begin noticing a more contoured and defined under-chin area, and your results will improve overtime as your body flushes away the dead fat cells. In addition to reducing fat, some patients notice that Kybella also helps to tighten the skin in the chin and neck area. Patients typically achieve the best results after a series of three to six treatments that are spaced about four to six weeks apart. However, when you see your beautifully contoured, slimmer under-chin area, it will be well worth the wait!

Who is a good candidate?

Who is a good candidate in Portland area

A trained dermatological professional can evaluate your under-chin area to determine whether you are a good candidate. Most people who have mild to severe submental fullness that is due to extra fat storage can benefit from Kybella. It is not recommended that patients who have the following conditions use Kybella:

  • An infection in the under-chin area
  • Difficulties with swallowing
  • An allergy to any of the ingredients in Kybella
  • Issues with blood clotting
  • Pregnant or breast-feeding women

Schedule a consultation to learn more

If you are tired of avoiding the mirror or the camera because of your double chin, there is no need for your self-confidence to suffer any longer. Call Thrive Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Center in Portland, OR today at (503) 928-6505 to schedule your personalized consultation and learn whether Kybella is right for you.


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I’ve been seeing Dr. Maddox for many years. He and his staff are always friendly and kind. Dr. Maddox is very up front about what to expect and what the results will be for any treatment That I have performed. I’ve always had good results no matter what treatments I’ve had. If you are looking for quality in anti aging care then Thrive Aesthetics is where you need to go. That’s why I keep coming back. You shouldn’t trust your anti aging needs to just anyone.

Dr. Adam Maddox - Medical Director

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A graduate from Northern Arizona University and the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Adam Maddox is a very established professional in the field of integrative anti-aging and aesthetic medicine with a special interest in Botox, Restylane and Testosterone Replacement therapy for men to name a few.

As a board-certified physician, he has a passion to help people with their health especially as they get older. Dr. Maddox believes in maintaining a strong sense of empathy in order to better serve his patients whilst ensuring his care is personalized. In addition to practicing medicine, Dr. Maddox uses his time to train other medical professionals on various effective medical techniques used in the anti-ageing medical sphere such as injectable techniques. He is also the founder and medical director of Thrive Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Center in Portland, OR.

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